Walking Distance from Luxor to the Bellagio, & Best Ways to Get There, Including Bus or Free Trams

By Steve Beauregard

It’s approximately 1.4 miles (or 1.9 kilometers), from the front door of the Luxor Hotel and Casino to the front desk of the Bellagio.

It’s a straight shot north walking on the Las Vegas Strip, and would take the average person around 30 minutes to walk this distance the entire way. This would take you past resorts such as the New York – New York, Monte Carlo, City Center complex, and Cosmopolitan. It would be a fairly strenuous walk in the Las Vegas summer sun

The Bellagio is just over a mile from the Luxor
The Bellagio is just over a mile from the Luxor

There are free and faster ways to get there as opposed to walking the entire way, and we’ll discuss those here in a second.

Tram from Luxor to Bellagio

While there is not a direct tram that goes all the way from the Luxor to the Bellagio, there are free Las Vegas casino trams that cut the distance you’d have to walk greatly, and make the trek a lot more enjoyable. Especially since the trams are air conditioned and the walkway to the trams are through air-conditioned casinos.

You’ll take two of these.

1) First off, there is a tram that runs from the Luxor to the Excalibur. It also goes to Mandalay Bay, but you’ll just be concerened with the northbound tram to the Excalibur. Trams run every five to ten minutes.

(Here’s the walking route from the Luxor to the Bellagio)

From the Excalibur stop, you’ll get off and cross over Tropicana Avenue on the pedestrian bridge to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino.

Stay on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, to the Monte Carlo hotel (soon to be the Park MGM), and stroll inside there.

2) Inside the Monte Carlo/Park MGM, you’ll follow the signs that point you up escalators that take you up to another free tram, that goes from the Monte Carlo/Park MGM directly to the Bellagio.

This monorail runs until 4 a.m. daily, and arrives around every ten minutes or so. After stopping at the Crystals Mall for access to the Aria, the tram goes to the Bellagio, depositing you at the far south end of the Bellagio hotel, near the resort’s convention center.

Bus from Luxor to Bellagio

With a bus stop directly across the street from the Luxor, it would take you about 15 minutes to bus it from the Luxor to the front of the Bellagio (that includes walking to the bus stop, but doesn’t count time waiting for the bus – however buses run every 5 to 10 minutes).

You can either what’s called the “Deuce” or the “SDX.” In this case, gets you there three minutes faster than the Deuce, since there are fewer stops, but you’ll be fine taking either one.

To get to the bus stop from the Luxor, go out the front door (where the Lion head is), to the strip and go right (south) to Mandalay Bay Road. Cross the street there, and you’ll see the bus stop to your left, a few feet north or Mandalay Bay Road.

Whether you take the SDX or the Deuce, you’ll get off at the Paris Hotel and Casino bus stop, and of course the Bellagio lake is right there, across the street.

(Go here to see the Bellagio fountain show times.)

Driving from Luxor to the Bellagio

The drive from the front of the Luxor to the Bellagio parking garage is about 2.2 miles, taking Frank Sinatra Drive north. There is however, a fee to park at the Bellagio.