Bellagio Parking Fee, Valet & Map 2021

Updated January 7th, 2021

Editor’s Note: Self-parking at the Bellagio is now free! We’re not sure how long this will last, but when paid parking returns, we’ll update this article accordingly. Valet parking is still not offered. Below is our pre-Covid article on Bellagio parking fees.

The front valet parking area at the Bellagio
The front valet parking area at the Bellagio

As one of the largest and busiest casinos in Las Vegas, complete with an art gallery, fine restaurants, and perhaps the city’s signature tourist attraction in the form of the famous dancing fountains, the Bellagio plays host to a steady stream of tens of thousands of visitors daily. This is on top of guests staying at the resorts nearly 4,000 hotel rooms. So where do they all park?

Fortunately most visitors to Las Vegas fly into town, taking taxi or shuttles to their hotels. But to the Sin City visitors with cars – whether they be weekend warriors from Los Angeles, or Europeans renting a car – finding a quick and easy parking spot at mega-resorts like the Bellagio aren’t always easy to find.

Thousands of daily visitors means that parking can sometimes, (especially on weekends and holidays), come at a premium. (One tip: always keep going up to the top floor, where spots are usually easier to find).

Bellagio Parking Garage

The Bellagio’s parking garage is a subtle, yet spacious four-story facility just south of the resort (towards the Cosmopolitan). Rather than the ugly, giant concrete monstrosities found at some hotels, here the Bellagio’s parking area is designed in the same luxurious European/Italian villa style as the rest of the resort.

Elevators at all four stories take you down to the main level. And these, like the hotel itself, are elegantly appointed elevators, for a garage. Once inside, push the “Casino” floor button. Once there, you’ll be led through doors into the resort’s atrium.

Bellagio Parking Fee

In June 2016 the Bellagio began charging customers to park (both valet and self-parking). Rates were subsequently raised in April of 2017 and again in February of 2018.

Here are the current rates to use the Bellagio’s self-parking garage:

First Hour: Free

1 – 4 Hours: $15

4 – 24 Hours: $18

Every day after that: $18

There are some exceptions to this however.

The Bellagio’s player’s card is the M Life Rewards card, which is tied into all of the other MGM Resorts properties. Those of you who have reached the “Pearl” level or higher, receive complimentary self-parking privileges at the Bellagio. That is to say, those of you with Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir M Life cards. (New players and low rollers start off with the “Sapphire” M Life card and therefore have to pay to park).

Bellagio Valet Parking and Fee

There are two different areas of valet parking at the Bellagio. The first is at the main entrance to of the casino (the front desk entrance), underneath the grand Port Cochere. (Black star on the map)

The Bellagio’s other valet parking is on the north side, just off of Flamingo Road. (The green star)

At both spots, there is a valet parking fee, and this is above and beyond the customary valet driver tips. Valet parking costs are as follows:

0 to 2 Hours: $21

2 to 4 Hours: $24

4 to 24 Hours: $30

Additional days: $30

As with the self-parking, customers who have either a Gold, Platinum, or Noir M Life Rewards card receive free valet parking. Sapphire and Pearl M Life levels will still have to pay for valet parking.

(Here’s a parking map of the Bellagio. The red star represents the entrance ramp to the self-parking garage. The black star is the main hotel valet, while the green star represents the north valet.)

Bellagio Parking Entrance

For those of you driving your own car, you’ll access the Bellagio parking garage entrance from the Las Vegas Strip.

When driving south on the Strip, Lake Bellagio will be on your right. You’ll take the first right past the lake, which is Bellagio Drive. You sort of half to be careful here though. As I said, the Bellagio is very popular, busy and in the heart of the Strip, meaning there are tons of pedestrians, many of whom are drunk and will cut across the street in front of you. There will also be a lot of taxis surrounding you driving crazy. Be warned.

Once on Bellagio Drive, you’ll want to stay on the left hand side of the road (the right is for those going to the valet parking in front of the hotel. On the left hand side, you’ll see the well-marked signs pointing you where to go to the parking garage.

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Bellagio Parking facts that may only interest me:

* Professional poker playerJennifer Harman, and her husband Marco Traniello, (now ex-husband), met for the first time inside this garage.

* The top floor of the garage is outside, and offers pretty views of the Las Vegas Strip. It was the setting for a romantic kissing scene between Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore in the Las Vegas poker movie “Lucky You.”

Bellagio Employee Parking Garage

As for the Bellagio’s 8,000 employees? They have their own parking lot. It’s further than you or I will have to walk, and borders Frank Sinatra Drive on the south west side of the resort, south of the Vdara.

The Bellagio employee parking garage was built in 2006 (replacing a different one). Unlike the Bellagio’s guests’ 4 story parking facility, the employee one has ten stories, with room for 5,300 cars.

(Photo courtesdy of aprilandrandy via Flickr)