Aria Resort & Casino Parking Fee, Valet & Map 2021

Updated January 1st, 2021

(Editor’s note: Aria has temporarily waived self-parking fees. Valet parking remains closed however. Below is the map and article pre-Covid concerning fees, which will return unfortunately. We’ll update this article when valet parking and self-parking fees return).

The Aria Hotel and Casino at the City Center complex in Las Vegas can seem like a confusing, elaborate labyrinth of buildings, streets, overpasses and tunnels, however the self-park parking garage and valet parking services are fairly easy to find.

The Aria’s parking garage is clean, with white paint, and is very well-lit.

Each floor has elevators that can whisk you down to the hotel registration and the casino floor, however parking on the 2nd level will lead you right to the casino without the need for an elevator. Either way, it’s a pretty good hike from the parking garage to the hotel registration.

There is a fee to park at the Aria Hotel Casino
There is a fee to park at the Aria Hotel Casino

Aria is part of the MGM Resorts inventory of casino/hotels, which means you’ll have to pay to park there. This applies to hotel guests, casino patrons, shoppers, restaurant patrons and lookie-loos alike.

Aria Parking Fee

The only exception to the “everyone pays to park” rule are customers who have an M Life players card who have reached a certain status.

MGM Resorts customers who have reached the Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir reward levels receive complimentary self parking privileges at the Aria (and at all other MGM Resorts properties).

If you are not a Pearl level member or above, the Aria’s self-parking rates are as follows:

First Hour: Free

1 – 4 Hours: $15

4 – 24 Hours: $18

Every day after that: $18

Guests staying at the Aria will use their hotel room key to get in and out of the parking garage, and the cost will be put on your hotel room bill. Hotel guests can also leave and park at other MGM Resort properties on that same day without having to pay a new parking fee.

Non-hotel guests will get a ticket upon arrival. Once they are ready to leave the Aria, they are asked to pay at a walk-up kiosk, rather than at the exit gate. Non-hotel guests do not have same-day privileges at other MGM Resorts casinos.

Please also note that parking prices are subject to change if there are “special events” going on. MGM Resorts doesn’t define a special event, but you can assume parking rates may increase during busy concerts or events at the nearby T-Mobile Arena.

(Aria Parking Map. The Red star is the entrance to the self-parking garage. The black star is the main valet, while the green star is the north valet area.)

Aria Valet Parking Fee

As you might imagine, valet parking at the Aria is more expensive than self-parking, and that’s not even factoring in the driver tip.

As with the self-parking, Gold, Platinum, and Noir level M Life card holders do not have to pay for valet parking, however unlike with the self-parking fees, Pearl level members will have to pay. As will the lowest level of M Life card holders: Sapphire.

Aria’s Valet Parking Fees are as follows:

0 to 2 Hours: $21

2 to 4 Hours: $24

4 to 24 Hours: $30

Additional days: $30

As with self-parking, hotel guests who pay for valet parking have in and out privileges at the Aria, and any other MGM Resort property that day, without having to pay another valet fee.

Aria Parking Garage Directions

First off, there are two different streets that lead you from the Las Vegas Strip to the Aria Resort and Casino.

City Center Place and W. Harmon Avenue.

Both streets will take you to valet areas, but for self-parking at the Aria parking garage, you’ll only want to take City Center Place.

City Center Place is the main road to Aria, right off of the Strip. It’s the “grand entrance” so to speak, with the bright and blue Aria acting as the focal point for this “dead end” street. It’s also easily recognizable. It’s the street that runs in-between the Waldorf Astoria on the left, and the uniquely-designed Crystals shopping mall on the right.


When driving on the Strip north, you’ll want to stay in your left lane. Just after you pass the Park MGM Hotel and Casino on your left, there will be three different signs and lanes in the left portion of Las Vegas Boulevard.

You’ll want to stay in the middle of these left lanes, under the “Retail and Self Park” sign. The “Aria” lane is actually for valet and drop off.

So you’re in the middle of the three left lanes on the Strip. These will lead you to take a left on City Center Place.

When driving south on the Strip, you’ll take a right at City Center Place. It’s the first right past the Crystals shopping mall, and you’ll spot the large “Gucci” and “Dolce and Gabana” signs.

Once on City Center Place, you’ll ignore the first left (it’s a ramp that goes down for parking at the Waldorf Astoria). The second left and clearly marked overhead signs will lead you down a ramp to the Aria’s self-park parking garage. Stay to left, as the far right lane is for Crystals and the Veer towers parking.

As I mentioned, the multiple levels of the Aria’s parking garage are clean and well-lit. The very top floor offers pretty good views of the Strip.

Aria Valet Parking

There are two places for valet parking at the Aria: the North entrance, and at the main, porte cochere off the Strip.

The front valet area at the Aria
The front valet area at the Aria

Main Aria Valet Parking (Black Star on the map)

The main valet parking at the porte cochere is the one you see when you drive up City Center Place from the Las Vegas Strip.

On City Center Place, you’ll stay in the right lanes, as the left ones are for the self parking garage. Signs above these lanes on the right will tell you the exact lane to use for valet service, which curves around the large light and fountain display.

Aria North Valet Parking (Green Star)

This area is off of Harmon Avenue. Harmon is the big cross street that goes by Planet Hollywood and the Cosmopolitan.

If you are going on Harmon from the Strip, you’ll want to go west on Harmon, towards the Cosmopolitan. The Aria will be on your left.

Driving on Harmon Avenue, you’ll see a new lane on your right hand side, less than a ¼ mile driving distance from the Strip and right after you pass the Cosmo.

There is signage, showing you to take this new ramp up. It will wind under and around the colorful “Big Edge” sculpture above you, before leading you left and over the overpass over Harmon Avenue. From there, you’ll see the Aria North valet (stay in left lane), and lanes for drop off and taxi service.

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Those of you, who instead, are driving on Harmon eastbound, toward the Strip, will see the Aria valet parking ramp on your far right hand side, just after you pass over the bridge over Interstate 15.

Other notes about Aria Las Vegas parking:

* There are a limited number of spots for oversized cars and trucks. There are also closer, up front spaces reserved for those of you driving electric cars and hybrids.

* Because the nearby Vdara parking is valet only, the Vdara suggests their guests use the Aria’s parking garage for self-parking. (The Aria and Vdara are both owned by MGM Resorts).

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of prayitno and Gary Bembridge via Flickr.)