Vdara Hotel & Spa Las Vegas Parking: Fee, Map, & Valet 2023

The Vdara is one of the hidden gems on the Las Vegas Strip. As one of the few non-gaming hotels, it gets surpassed in attention and outshined by its bigger, fancier neighbors, the Bellagio, Aria, and Cosmopolitan.

The Vdara itself is sort of hidden too, and takes some twists and turns to get to the front door.

There is a fee for valet parking at the Vdara in Las Vegas
There is a fee for valet parking at the Vdara in Las Vegas

Although I say it’s “on the Strip,” the front of the hotel is actually situated about 700 feet west of the Strip, behind the Cosmopolitan on W. Harmon Avenue.

Its parking garage is located directly to the west of the resort. However you won’t be seeing the inside of it, as the Vdara is a valet-only hotel. (More on that in a minute).

In fact, the Vdara’s parking garage used for valet parking is not really its parking garage at all. It is actually the same structure as the Bellagio’s employee parking garage. That’s partially because the Vdara is fairly small (1,495 rooms), by Las Vegas resort standards, and thus has less need for parking.

Vdara Valet Parking Fee

TimeMonday – ThursdayFriday – Sunday
0 – 2 Hours $21 $25
2 – 4 Hours $25 $30
4 – 24 Hours$30 $35
Every Additional 24 Hours $30 $35

The Vdara has the distinction of being one of the only resorts in Las Vegas that does not offer on-site self-parking for guests, or it’s own self-park parking garage for visitors.

This is partly due to the fact that the vast majority of people going inside the Vdara are registered guests staying at the hotel. With no casino, nor shows, bars or restaurants, there really isn’t much reason for a non-hotel-staying guest to visit the Vdara.

As with other MGM Resorts, guests who have a Gold, Platinum or Noir MGM Rewards card can valet park for free. Also, your valet fee at the Vdara allows you to valet park at any other MGM Resorts property on that same day, without having to pay a new valet fee.

In addition, if you pay the full 24 hour fee of $30 (or $35 on weekends) and you are a registered hotel guest at the Vdara, you have unlimited in and out access without being charged a new valet fee for that day.

(The black “P” marks the spot for the Vdara’s covered valet parking entrance)

It’s also customary, or course, to tip the valet person when dropping off your car, and when picking it back up.

Directions to Vdara Valet Parking

When Going South on the Las Vega Strip

Take a right on W. Harmon Avenue. W. Harmon is the first right you can take after immediately passing the Cosmopolitan on your right.

Once on W. Harmon, continuing going west, for 600 feet or so. You’ll go past the south side of the Cosmopolitan, past the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas parking garage entrance, and past an emergency signal stoplight.

There's only valet parking at the Vdara
There’s only valet parking at the Vdara

Stay in your right lane, and follow the “Vdara Hotel & Spa” signage that leads you up an off-ramp. The ramp takes you under a pedestrian bridge and up to a stop sign.

The Vdara will be clearly visible on your right, but here’s where it gets confusing, as you cannot go right, (the lane you come to is a one-way lane).

So signage will point you to take a left. Once you are on this little one-way lane, you’ll want to stay in the middle lane, as the left lane leads you to a ramp back to the Strip, and the right lane is for the Aria valet parking.

The center lane and accompanying signage will lead you down to a stop sign. You’ll go left here (you can only go left), and the shiny, steel and glass facade of the glamorous Vdara will be directly in front of you.

You’ll want to stay in your right lane, however the far right is for hotel guest drop-off and pick-up.

A few feet past this covered drop-off area is signage and a right turn lane to the Vdara valet and hotel check-in.

When going north on the Strip

Take a left at W. Harmon Avenue. There are three left hand turn lanes onto W. Harmon Avenue. From there, the directions are the same as we wrote above, when going south on the Las Vegas Strip – which is to say you’ll go approximately 600 feet to an up ramp, then make two lefts to the Vdara. The signage is pretty good and will lead you the way.

Self-Parking at the Vdara

I know we said that the Vdara is valet parking only, however technically, there is self-parking available, albeit at neighboring resorts.

On their website, the Vdara states that guests can use the Aria’s parking garage. That, however, is accessible through a different street and area entirely, and would result in a very far walk including walking and hauling your luggage through the Aria casino.

Should you really want self-parking, a better option would be to park at the Bellagio’s parking garage and walk to Vdara via the Bellagio. You would go through the Bellagio for a bit, then a covered walkway into the Vdara. It would be about a five to ten minute walk.

Either way, it costs the same to park at either one of the self-parking garages at the Bellagio or Aria. Here are the self-parking fees:

0 – 60 MinutesFree
1 to 4 Hours$15
4 to 24 Hours$18
Over 24 Hours$18/day

As with valet parking, Gold, Platinum and Noir MGM Rewards members receive complimentary self-parking at Aria and the Bellagio parking garages. Unlike the valet parking, “Pearl” level members receive free self-parking privileges at both Aria and the Bellagio.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Sean MacEntree and Mike Murry via Flickr).