Weather in Las Vegas in November, Including Normal High and Low Temperatures

By Steve Beauregard

November is the fourth coolest month of the year in Las Vegas, but still very pleasant during most hours. It has never gotten in the 90’s in Las Vegas in November, and it hardly ever gets below 40 degrees, either.

Many think it’s the best month of year to spend outside in Sin City, as the mid-60’s degree temperatures during the day make it perfect weather for golf, or spending time with the kids at a park, or running, or stumbling to the next casino while drunk, etc.

The normal highs range from 60 degrees to the low 70’s, while the normal lows range from 41 degrees on November 30th, to 52 degrees on November 1st.

Las Vegas November Temperatures are Typically Pleasant
Las Vegas November Temperatures are Typically Pleasant

Average temperature in Las Vegas During November

According to the National Weather Service, the normal temperature in Las Vegas in November 56.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Some other weather facts about Las Vegas weather in November:

Las Vegas Temperatures in November

The normal daily high temperature in Sin City in November is 66.3 degrees.

The normal daily low for Vegas in November is 46.5 degrees, (8 degrees Celsius).

Hottest Temperature in November in Las Vegas

The warmest November day in the history of Las Vegas took place on November 1st, 1988, when the thermometer hit 87 degrees, (or 30.55 Celsius).

Coldest Temperatures in Las Vegas During November

Bring a light jacket or sweater if you're going to watch this on a November night
Bring a light jacket or sweater if you’re going to watch this on a November night

Typically, the lows of the day stay at, or above 50 degrees up until November 8th, at which point the normal low drops into the forties. Late November nights/early mornings are certainly light jacket-wearing weather on the Las Vegas Strip.

The coldest November day in the history of Las Vegas was November 24th, 1938, when the temperature dropped down to a chilly 15 degrees.

Precipitation in Las Vegas in November

The month of November is right in the middle when it comes to precipitation levels. It’s neither extremely dry, nor wet for the area.

Normally, Las Vegas, receives about a third of an inch (.36 of an inch to be exact), of precipitation during the month.

November 22nd, 1965 holds the record for the most amount of precipitation to fall in Las Vegas in one day, when the city received 1.09 inches of precipitation.

Las Vegas Weather and Temperatures During Thanksgiving

Ah, a cozy fireplace, time with family, eating turkey, watching football, enjoying both the cool weather and warm hearts of visiting friends and family members.

And playing five cent video poker while chugging free vodka tonics in a smoky Vegas casino. Ah, good Thanksgiving Day memories.

I joke around, but Las Vegas is becoming a more popular and popular turkey day destination. Especially for visitors coming into town from fairly-nearby Los Angeles/Southern California region. Overall, last year 3.28 million visitors came to Las Vegas during the month of November.

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Since the NWS began keeping records, the high temperature has reached 70 degrees or higher on Thanksgiving, once every five years.

The average high and low temperatures on Thanksgiving in Las Vegas are 61 degrees and 40 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

Snow in Las Vegas in November

While many people imagine Las Vegas as this dry and hot desert retreat, the city can, and does receive snow on occasion.

The earliest the snow has arrived in Sin City is on November 15th. Both in 1958 and in 1964. In fact, 1964 was the snowiest November in the city’s history. The town received 4 inches of snow that month.

Interesting Las Vegas Weather and Other Facts for the Month of November

* The highest November wind gust is 70 miles per hour. This happened on November 20, 1983

* The average daily hotel occupancy rate in November is 85.8%

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* For the Hotels on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, the occupancy rate in November averages 75.9%

* The second biggest convention of the year in Las Vegas takes place in November, when 140,000 people attend the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week tradeshow during the first week of November. (Photos courtesy of Vladislav Bezrukov and Aaron Tango Tang via Flickr).