What is the Distance from Treasure Island (T.I.) to the Cosmopolitan? – And Can you Walk It?

The Cosmopolitan is About 1 Mile From Treasure Island

By Steve Beauregard – Although they are about as opposite of casinos as you can get in terms of themes and demographics, the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas are fairly close geographically. In fact, it’s only one 1.1 miles from the T.I. to the Cosmopolitan. It would take you about twenty minutes to walk it, if you stay on the Strip sidewalk. However you can cut that down a bit by taking a free tram. More on that in a second.

First, the 1.1 mile walking distance is calculated from the bridge leading to the entrance of Treasure Island (right next to Gilley’s) where the Sirens of T.I. perform, all the way down the strip to the Cosmopolitan’s first entrance, which is on the northeast corner of the resort, just south of the Bellagio.

To start out, just leave the T.I. and go south on sidewalk. You’ll pass the Mirage volcano, the Caesars Colosseum, the entrance to the Forum Shops, and finally, Caesars Palace itself, with all of its pretty fountains and gardens in view.

At the southernmost end of Caesars Palace, you’ll approach Flamingo Road. To cross Flamingo, you’ll follow the pedestrian bridge, taking the escalators or stairs up, which leads you over to the Bellagio. Once inside the Bellagio, you can either take a left an go down the escalator leading you back to the Strip sidewalk, or head right, and stroll through the lovely, shopping area, then air conditioned casino.

For those of you who decide to walk through the Bellagio, you’ll eventually end up near the hotel’s registration desk (be sure to check out the beautiful conservatory while you’re there).

When going outside the front door of the resort, you’ll see people in line for taxis, limos, etc. Take a right, and follow the covered pathway which leads you back down to the Strip. You’ll end up directly under the enormous “Bellagio” sign, and from there, The Cosmopolitan is just 120 feet away (give or take a few feet).

For those of you who bypassed the inside of the Bellagio for the sidewalk, you’ll likely be treated to the magical fountains of Bellagio show. The Cosmopolitan will be visible from your vantage point at the lake, as the resort is just a few feet south of the Bellagio.

Tram From Treasure Island (T.I.) to The Cosmopolitan

While there is not a full-length monorail or tram going all the way from Treasure Island to The Cosmopolitan, there is a tram that can cut the journey at least a little bit.

Treasure Island has a free tram that goes to the Mirage very frequently, (every 10 to 15 minutes) or so during most of the day.

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But by my calculation, taking the tram would only save you about 1,000 feet (or close to 1/5th of a mile) of walking. That’s because some of the distance you save riding the free tram is offset by the extra walking you have to do to get back to the Strip sidewalk. But, if it’s a hot day, and you don’t feel like walking the entire way, the free tram from TI to the Mirage is a nice option.

Please also note that since it’s on the other side of the Strip, taking the Las Vegas Monorail is not really efficient for this short of route. Not only would have to deal with crossing back and forth across the Strip, the walk to the monorail stations (on the back side of the casinos), would add over 2,000 feet (or close to 1/2 mile) to the trip.

Driving Distance from Treasure Island to The Cosmopolitan

Mapping systems says it’s only a three minute drive from TI to The Cosmopolitan. Mapping systems are only half-right.

In theory, the 180 second drive would get you to the Cosmo lightening quick. In reality, you’d be walking from your car in the Treasure Island parking garage, then going south on Las Vegas Boulevard to the Cosmopolitan’s underground parking garage, which is behind the resort, then walking from there.

For my money, it’s easier to take a cheap taxi ($7 – $9) or walk, rather than drive from the TI to the Cosmo.

Bus from Treasure Island to The Cosmopolitan

The Deuce is reliable, cheap, and runs up and down the Strip with stops every 10 -12 minutes during most of the day and night. This may be your best bet if you don’t want to walk, and wish to save cab fare. Unless of course, you’re with three or more people, in which case splitting up the taxi fare would make the ride as cheap, but faster, than taking the bus.

In either case, there’s a bus stop just south of Treasure Island, (approximately 500 feet south of the Sirens of T.I. bridge), across the street from the Venetian.

You’ll want to get on the “Deuce” at this stop for the 15 to 17 minute bus ride. (There are 3 stops along the way). Conveniently, the Deuce will drop you off almost directly in front of the Cosmopolitan’s northeast entrance.