Can you Walk from MGM Grand to the Paris Hotel and Casino? And What is the Distance and Best Ways to Get There?

Paris Las Vegas is within walking distance of the MGM Grand

Paris Las Vegas is within walking distance of the MGM Grand

By Steve Beauregard

It’s almost exactly .7 mile (or 1.2 kilometers for our European friends) from the MGM Grand to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Unless it’s 110 degrees out, you’ll find it to be a fairly easy 15 minute walk.

To be clear, the 7/10th mile distance is from the southwest Strip level exit of the MGM Grand, to the front doors entrance of southern end of the Paris. I have to say that because these Las Vegas resorts are so enormous in size, distances can be greatly affected depending on your starting points.

As an example, starting off from a hotel room in one of the MGM hotel wings can add over 1/5th of a mile to the trip, whereas going to the north eastern most part of the Paris would add another 1/10th of a mile to the journey. Maybe this is not significant, but I thought you should be aware of what constitutes the .7 mile walk.

To get there, just head out of the lower level exit of the MGM Grand where it enters the Las Vegas Strip. This will put you at the very busy intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue – the busiest hotel intersection in the world in terms of number of rooms.

Once outside, just head north (to your right when looking at the Strip), follow the sidewalk. It’s an interesting walk, as you’ll pass the Grand Canyon Experience shop, M&M world, a Hard Rock Café and the large motorcycle sticking out of the Harley Davidson Café.

Across the street to your left will be the dazzling architecture of New York – New York Hotel and Casino, then the so/so architecture of Monte Carlo, followed by the skyscraper city-within-a-city resort complex known as the City Center.

There are also a couple of non-descript strip malls, a McDonalds, and a Tix4Tonight booth should you want to browse for show tickets. This booth is located in what’s called the Hawaiian Marketplace outdoor mall complex in front of the Polo Towers, before you get to the Harley Davidson Café.

After crossing the street at E. Harmon, you’ll walk the length of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. At the northern end of the resort, you’ll cross the street, (Paris Drive) and pass under the iconic, large, blue Paris balloon.

Once across the street, you’re on Paris Las Vegas property, and the first entrance is just 100 feet or so on your right.

As I mentioned, it should only take you fifteen minutes, and there are always interesting promotions or people-watching opportunities along the way. Between the guys with their thinly-veiled “escort” pamphlets, the “$3 t-shirts for ten bucks” stores, and the rent a Ferrari stand, the walk will go by fast.

Monorail from MGM Grand to Paris Las Vegas

This is the easiest and quickest route, albeit not the cheapest.

Conveniently, there is a Las Vegas Monorail station located at both the MGM Grand (at the far eastern end of the resort), and inside the Paris Las Vegas/Bally’s complex. Trams run every 5 to 12 minutes, seven days a week. Service stops at midnight to 2 a.m. most nights, but on weekends the monorail runs until 3 a.m.

The monorail station is technically called the Paris/Bally’s station, but in reality, it’s inside Bally’s. From there it’s just about 800 feet to the start of the Paris walkway.

So taking the Las Vegas Monorail would be a good option if you already have an unlimited ride pass, or if you were dressed up and didn’t want to walk 7/10th of a mile outside in the Las Vegas heat before a nice dinner or club outing.

(Go here to get the distance from MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood)

Las Vegas Monorail passes are $5 for a one-way trip, or $12 for an all day pass.

Bus From MGM Grand to Paris Las Vegas

You have two easy bus options for this route: the SDX or the Deuce.

The SDX is a direct, fast and does not stop in-between the MGM Grand and Paris, meaning this bus ride will only take about six minutes. The SDX runs every 14 to 15 minutes.

The other bus route is called “The Deuce.” Not counting waiting time, the ride will only take eleven minutes or so. It’s a little longer than the SDX on account of its scheduled stop in front of Planet Hollywood.

The Deuce runs more frequently, every ten minutes or so – meaning you’ll never wait very long to catch either line. Conveniently, there is a bus stop just outside the MGM Grand’s Strip exit/entrance. To be more precise, it’s about 250 feet north of the exit, right in front of the Grand Canyon

Whether it is the SDX or the Deuce, the bus may be your best option if you’re tired of walking, or simply want to conserve energy for an exciting night in Sin City ahead. An all day, 24 hour bus pass gets you on both lines, and costs only $7.

Driving from the MGM Grand to Paris Hotel and Casino

I wouldn’t bother doing this, as the walk from each resort’s respective parking facility will kill the time you could have spent just walking, or taking the Deuce or the Las Vegas Monorail.

Taxi From MGM Grand to Paris Hotel and Casino

At just over a mile from the valet area of the MGM Grand to the drop off area in front of the Paris, a cab ride would cost in the $7 to $10 dollar range.