Distance from MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood

It’s just 7/10th of a mile from the Strip entrance of MGM Grand to the southern entrance of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. It’s just roughly a 12 to 15 minute walk between the two resorts.

In fact, walking the route from MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood is easy and fun – even after a losing session at the tables, or after a drunken night out.

Leaving the front western-facing entrance of the hotel (on the Strip side), simply head North on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) exactly .6 mile.

Planet Hollywood isn't too far from the MGM Grand

On the way, you’ll be tempted by an array of tacky shops and restaurants, beginning with the iconic “Grand Canyon Experience.”

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A cave-looking storefront greets you, whereupon you’re greeted with almost any type of Vegas souvenir imaginable. (They also sell helicopter and plane tours of the Grand Canyon – hence the name.

(The blue dots show you the quickest and best route when walking from the MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood. Ignore the alternative routes in grey.)

Just North of that, you’ll pass by a food court full of your usual assortment of fast food places: Del Taco, Subway, Dairy Queen, etc, before arriving at the always-popular M&M World.

The huge Coca-Cola bottle is just past the M&M World, as is an Outback Steakhouse (because you cannot find those back home, can you?), and a Hard Rock Cafe. After that, you’ll see an always busy Ross Store.

You’ll continue North, passing the the City Center complex across the Strip on your left.

Before getting to Planet Hollywood, you’ll pass by some cheesy strip malls, and t-shirt shops. There’s also the Hawaiian Marketplace outdoor mall, at which you’ll find one of those Tix4Tonight booths.

You’ll cross E. Harmon Avenue, where you’ll see the giant Walgreens store. You’ll then cross over the pedestrian bridge. The popular PBR Rock Bar & Grill will be on your right, as will the sidewalk leading you to doors labeled “Miracle Mile” – which represents the first entrance into Planet Hollywood.

The walk is safe and comfortable and my wife and I have no qualms about walking it, regardless of the time of day. With so many other people walking it, and with a strong police presence, along with the always busy vehicle traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard, you should have no troubles or worries on this walk.

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One note here: If you’re using a mapping system and type in “MGM Grand” as your starting point, ignore the mapping systems that tell you to walk North on Audrie Street. First off, they’re assuming you’re starting off at the easternmost point of the MGM Grand complex, when in reality, you’re probably going to be starting off from your hotel room, or a restaurant, or from the casino floor.

Instead of the scenic, fun-loving and world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the map-recommended Audrie route has you walking past a multi-story parking garage. You’d also walk under the Las Vegas monorail, past the backside of the Carriage House hotel. Let’s face it, you didn’t come all this way to Las Vegas to experience the splendor of Audrie Street.

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This indirect, less scenic route will take you 17 minutes to traverse the 8/10 mile walk, says Google. You’ll head North on Audrie Street, taking a left on E. Harmon Avenue, which is just past the aforementioned Carriage House.

The distance from the Carriage House to Planet Hollywood is just over 3/10 of a mile, and the large, gleaming white PH Casino/Hotel will be on your right.

Bus from MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood

The popular Las Vegas Strip bus system, called the Deuce, has a stop about 250 feet North of the MGM Grand, at the Grand Canyon Experience. The bus ride will take you just 8 minutes, (or so it’s estimated), but there will be times when walking is faster, due to heavy traffic or accidents on the Strip.

There are no stops in-between, and the Deuce will drop you off directly in front of the Planet Hollywood – just a few steps from either the Miracle Mile entrance to the south, or to the casino entrance a few feet to the north.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft From MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood

Although much shorter than the crow flies, the taxi distance is about a mile drive from the MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood. That’s because taxis aren’t allowed to drop you right off on the Strip, stopping traffic. You’ll be dropped off at the back entrance of the resort.

If you do choose to take a cab, it should run you in the $7 to $10 range. I’m unsure of the Uber/Lyft pricing. You’ll hail the cab from the valet area outside of the big hotel lobby where you checked in.

Tram or Monorail From MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood

The Las Vegas Monorail does not stop at Planet Hollywood. It does stop just North of the resort, at what is called the Bally’s/Paris stop. This stop is at the far eastern end of Bally’s Hotel and Casino.

By my calculation, it’s about 1/3rd of a mile walk from the tram station at Bally’s to Planet Hollywood. When you figure in the cost of the tram ($5 for a single ride, or $12 for a one-day pass), and when you add in the extra walking to the MGM Grand tram station (on the east end of the resort), you are probably better off time wise and money wise, just walking to Planet Hollywood.