Best and Fastest Way to Get From the MGM Grand to the Venetian

By Steve Beauregard

The easiest and fastest way to get from the MGM Grand to the Venetian and Palazzo is by taking the Las Vegas monorail.

A one-way ticket is just five bucks, or you can get an unlimited one day pass for $12. Once onboard, it will take you just five minutes of travel time, followed by five minutes of walking (more on that in a second).

The monorail runs until 3 a.m. on weekends, and trains arrive every 4 to 12 minutes, depending on demand. Usually however, during peak time, a monorail will arrive every five minutes.

The 4,000 plus room MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
The 4,000 plus room MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

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The nice thing about staying at the MGM Grand is that there is a monorail station onsite (it’s on the east side of the resort, on the opposite side of the Strip). You can buy your passes very easily there too.

The monorail is air-conditioned and smooth and offers a great view of the strip. To get to the Venetian, you’ll want to get off at the Harrah’s/Quad Station and walk through Harrah’s (inside) to the Strip. From there, it’s less than 2/10 of a mile walk North, past the Casino Royale to the front doors of the Venetian.

Can you walk from the MGM Grand to the Venetian?

Sure, but it’s fairly long haul.

Walking distance is 1.6 miles, going from the front, Las Vegas Strip entrance of the MGM Grand, walking all the way up the Strip to the Venetian. Going straight up the Strip without the requisite stops for drinks, cooling down, and slot machine sessions along the way, it would take just over 30 minutes.

Google Maps tells you to walk up Audrie Street, but in no way is that easier or more pleasant. Audrie Street is just to the East of the MGM Grand lobby and valet circle, or as they call it, the Port Cochere.

It’s easier, safer, and just more fun to walk along the strip, even if it takes you a few minutes longer.

Driving Distance from the MGM Grand to the Venetian and Palazzo.

From the MGM Grand parking structure, it’s a 1.7 mile drive to the Venetian parking building and will take you only around five minutes.

Trust me when I say you’ll want to ignore the Google directions, which tell you to go on the Strip. Unlike a walking trip, you’ll want to avoid the strip when driving from casino to casino. While the strip IS one way to get there, it’s much shorter (just over ½ mile shorter), and faster to use the back entrance to the parking lot, staying on Koval Lane the entire way.

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To use this more direct route, you’ll want to leave from the North entrance of the MGM Grand’s parking building, taking a right on a street that doesn’t have a name. (No I’m not joking. It’s the street in front of the convention center). The street goes East to Koval lane, where’ll you want to take a left.

Go North on Koval Lane, past E. Harmon and past E. Flamingo Road, and take the first left after Westchester Drive. You’ll see a sign above showing you the lane to stay in for the Venetian. Once again, the street is not named, as Las Vegas apparently doesn’t have enough time or money to name some of their streets. Luckily, however, the casino signage will be pretty good, showing you how to get to the Venetian’s self-park facility. (Pretty much stay on the right side).

Taking the Bus

The Strip’s bus system, known as the “Deuce” is a constant presence up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

To get to the nearest Deuce station from the MGM Grand, walk 300 feet or so North, just past M&M World to the bus stop. It’s directly in front of the famous Grand Canyon Experience store.

Busses run very frequently, and it takes about ½ hour, due to all the stops along the way. Keep in mind, it can run a longer depending on Strip traffic. An unlimited 24 hour pass on the Deuce costs $8, or you can get a 2 hour pass for just six dollars.

The nice thing about taking the Deuce to the Venetian, is that it stop directly in front of the resort, at the North entrance, (right by the water).

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Taxi from MGM Grand to Venetian?

A taxi ride to the Venetian and Palazzo will cost in the $7 to $8 range, depending on traffic, and not including a tip. A ride on the strip at night may unfortunately be in the ten minute range, which is why overall, the monorail is cheaper ($12 unlimited rides in a day) and more convenient than a taxi.