Bally’s Las Vegas Parking – Fee, Directions & Maps to the Self-Park Garage & Valet

By Steve Beauregard (Updated August 2017)

It has undergone ownership changes, remodeling, name changes, a devastating fire, and newer, fancier resorts sprouting up all around it. Yet despite it all, Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino remains a popular stalwart in Las Vegas – an affordable, if average, hotel destination with an incredible location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The resort that opened years ago as the original MGM in Las Vegas is now owned by Caesars Entertainment, and is physically connected to another Caesars-owned property, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Bally's Las Vegas has fees to both valet and self-park

Bally’s Las Vegas has fees to both valet and self-park

This shared ownership relationships translates to how each of the resorts’ guests park, as the two hotel/casinos share a seven-story parking structure to the south of Bally’s.

Bally’s Las Vegas Self-Park Parking Fee

In November 2016, Caesars Entertainment (Bally’s parent company) announced that their guests would have to start paying to park at their resorts beginning in the spring of 2017. This applies to people staying at the hotel, and visitors alike.

After work was completed to install the kiosks, gates and infrastructure needed to begin charging their customers, Bally’s began, on April 6, 2017 to charge their customers to self-park and to use valet parking.

Parking rates are as follows:

0 to 60 minutes: Free

1 to 4 Hours: $7

4 to 24 Hours: $10

Over 24 Hours: $10 per day

Self parking will be free for anyone who has a Total Rewards card at the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level.

To the left is the Bally's and Paris shared parking garage

To the left is the Bally’s and Paris shared parking garage

Also, while guests staying at Bally’s hotel have to pay this fee as well, they can use their hotel room key to park at any other Caesars Entertainment resort that day, without having to pay a separate fee. In other words, they will have full in and out privileges at any sister property, and will not have to pay a new fee when going back to Bally’s to park. Guests not staying at Bally’s hotel, however will have to pay a new fee if they park at a different resort.

Similarly, guests not staying at Bally’s do not have in-and-out privileges, and therefore will have to pay a new fee each time they enter the garage.

Residents of the state of Nevada can park at Bally’s for free, up to 24 hours, by scanning the barcode on their driver’s license.

Bally’s Valet Parking Fees

Up to 4 Hours: $13

4 to 24 Hours: $18

Over 24 Hours: $18 for each additional day.

As with self-parking, valet parking will be free for anyone at the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars status on their Total Rewards players card.

Some other notes:

* For hotel guests, the valet parking fee will be automatically charged to your room.

* Everyone who pays to valet park at Bally’s who then leaves for another Caesars Entertainment property, will have to pay an entirely new valet parking feet at that resort. Even on the same day.

* Hotel guests will have in-and-out valet parking privileges, however non-hotel guests will have to pay a new valet parking fee each time they arrive at Bally’s.

In other words, if you drive to Bally’s to play for a couple of hours and pay the $13 valet fee, you’ll have to pay another $13 valet fee if you drive back later and valet park there again. Even on the same day.

(Here’s a map of the Bally’s Las Vegas resort. Red dots represent the entrances to parking areas. Access to the parking garage is from either Flamingo Road, or from the Strip)


Access to the Bally’s self-park parking garage is accessible from either two entrances on the Strip, or from the main entrance off of Flamingo.

When going east on Flamingo, you will simply take the first right after the Strip. It’s right at the big “Starbucks” sign on your right.

(Related: Paris Las Vegas parking garage).

Once on this, the curvy little road, (and good signage), will point you to take a left then immediate right into an underneath passage that leads you to the Bally’s/Paris parking garage. Alternatively, you could just stay in the far left lane and use the Bally’s valet parking services.

There are also two ways to get to the parking garage from the Strip, but only when going north. The first lane is an unmarked lane immediately after the Paris Las Vegas. Take a right on this (you can only take a right), and it will lead you directly up a ramp to the parking garage.

A few feet up the road to the North, you see another entrance to Bally’s – this time it is marked as an entrance. It will also lead you to the self-parking area.

Please note, that whichever way you get there, you’ll do some walking should you use the Bally’s self-park parking garage. Depending on where you find a parking spot, it can be a ¼ mile walk from the Bally’s parking garage to the hotel registration desk.

Other Bally’s Parking

There are a few uncovered spaces of public self-parking located directly behind the resort, off of Flamingo Road. While previously free spots (even after paid parking was implemented), these are now paid parking spots.

When driving east on Flamingo Road, (going away from the Strip), Bally’s will be on your right. After the shuttle drop off area, and just after you pass the large “Race and Sports Book Avenue Shoppes” sign on the building, you’ll pass another building that has large signage that reads, “Employment Center.”

You’ll want to take the next right, onto an unmarked drive, where there are some uncovered public parking spaces. Please note that this drive is the right you take before you get to the next street, Koval Lane. This parking area is much closer if you are intending to go to a convention at Bally’s, the Bally’s Events Center, the sports book, or to the Shoppes.

Secret Drop-off area at Bally’s Las Vegas

Near the Bally's hotel registeration desk

Near the Bally’s hotel registration desk

OK, so maybe it’s not a big secret, but if you are wanting to just drop off a friend, or run into the casino very quickly, there is a drop off area off of Flamingo Road.

To use it, you’ll just want to go on Flamingo, past the shuttle drop-off area, past the first light, past the length of the hotel, taking a right on Linq Lane, where you see the “Race and Sports Book” sign.

Valet parking at Bally’s Las Vegas

Valet parking at Bally’s Las Vegas is pretty straightforward. It’s most easily gotten to by using the right turn on Flamingo Road, immediately east of the Strip. Once on there, staying in the left lane and following the signs will point you to the valet.

The valet entrance can also be accessed from the Strip, by using the designated Bally’s entrance (right turn) after passing both the Paris Las Vegas, and the little road directly north of the Paris Las Vegas.

Bally’s also has parking for RVs, or other oversized vehicles. There is a separate parking area for RVs, and guests arriving in a camper or RV are encouraged to call Bally’s ahead of time to secure a spot. The fee for oversized parking at the Linq’s backlot across the street is $20, but I’m sure as to Bally’s oversized parking. Their number is (702) 967-4481. Please also note that there are no utility hook-ups available.

(Photos courtesy of James Welch, Tim Johnson and Prayitno via Flickr).