By Steve Beauregard

Opened in the last millennium (September 1, 1999 to be exact), the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino still seems to hold its charm and appeal. The resort sits on 32 acres and has just under 3,000 rooms.

Guests to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino are served by a large seven story parking structure behind the resort.

Because Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s are owned by the same company (Caesars Entertainment), and are physically joined together, the two resorts both use the same parking garage.

The pretty front valet parking area at the Paris Las Vegas

The pretty front valet parking area at the Paris Las Vegas

The Bally’s Las Vegas parking garage is the same as its sister, Paris next door. Valet parking areas are different for each hotel however. (More on that below).

In April 2017, Paris Las Vegas began charging guests and visitors for parking. Current rates are as follows:

Paris Las Vegas Self-Parking Fee

0-60 Minutes: Free

1 to 4 Hours: $7

4 to 24 Hours: $10

Each additional 24 Hours: $10

* Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars Total Rewards Card members receive free parking.

* Paris Las Vegas hotel guests receive in-n-out privileges at Paris, and all other Caesars Entertainment resorts each day of their stay. Non-hotel guests have to pay each time they leave a parking garage.

Paris Las Vegas Valet Parking Fee

Up to 4 Hours: $13

4 to 24 Hours: $18

Over 24 Hours: $18 for each additional day.

For those of you have Total Rewards cards and have reached either the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars status, your valet parking is complimentary.

Some other notes:

* For hotel guests, the valet parking fee will be automatically charged to your room.

* Hotel guests will have in-and-out privileges, however non-hotel guests will have to pay a new valet parking fee each time they drive to the Paris, even if its on the same day.

* Everyone will be charged a new valet parking fee when going to a different Caesars Entertainment property.

(Here’s a map of Paris Las Vegas – Paris Drive, near the bottom, is the main road to the self-parking garage entrance and exits).

Directions to the Self-Park Parking Garage

Access to the Paris Las Vegas parking garage is from either one of two different Strip entrances, or from Audrie Street, directly behind the resort.

The main, most popular entrance into the parking garage is off of Paris Drive, a little straight away street that is in-between the Paris and its neighbor, Planet Hollywood.

When Going South on the Strip

Going South on the Strip, (towards MGM Grand for example), you’ll want to take a left into the resort at Paris Drive. To be honest, I can’t remember if this street is even marked as “Paris Drive” on a sign, but it will be pretty obvious to you that this is the entrance (it has stoplights).

(Related: MGM Grand Self Parking Garage information).

This Paris Drive is right after you pass the Eiffel Tower, and before you get to the big blue Paris balloon (officially called the “Montgolfier Balloon”).

Once on Paris Drive, heading towards the hotel, you’ll see the replica Arc de Triomphe on your left. Be sure to stay in one of the right lanes however, as the left lane will take you to the valet parking area.

From there you’ll drive a ways on a straight line before seeing the parking entrance on your left.

When Going North on the Strip

Going north on the Strip, you’ll simply take a right after you pass Planet Hollywood, at the Paris balloon. This is called “Paris Drive.” Staying in the right lane will lead you down the tree-lined road to the entrance to the parking garage, which will be on your left.

If, for some reason, the pedestrian traffic and/or car and taxi traffic is jamming Paris Drive, you can sneak in another way, by driving a little further north. Just before you get to Bally’s, there is another unmarked side street. This street, in-between Paris and Bally’s goes straight, then up towards the shared Paris/Bally’s parking structure.

You can only use this street if you are going north on the Strip, as there is a median on the Strip preventing south-bound drivers from using it. (Although I’m sure some have tried).

Paris Las Vegas Valet Parking

The Paris Las Vegas parking garage is not nearly as pretty.

The Paris Las Vegas parking garage is not nearly as beautiful as this.

The valet parking area at the Paris Hotel and Casino may be the prettiest in all of Sin City, with its French-inspired decorative window overhangs, not to mention the replica of the Arc de Triomphe that greets you upon arrival.

Best of all, right after you exit your car, you are within 20 steps of being inside the casino.

You’ll access this off of the Strip, going east on Paris Drive. It’s the road at the large blue Paris balloon you see from the Strip.

Once on this entryway, stay in your left lane. The valet lane circles left around the Arc de Triomphe.

(Photos courtesy of Danny Navarro and Jim G via Flickr.)