Distance from Luxor to Wynn – Can you Walk It? And Best Ways to Get There

It's about 2.3 miles from the Luxor to the Wynn Las Vegas
It’s about 2.3 miles from the Luxor to the Wynn Las Vegas

By Steve Beauregard

Not really a pleasant stroll, the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is 2.3 miles (or 3.7 kilometers), from the front of the Luxor at the Sphinx. It would take you about 45 minutes if walking the entire route up the Las Vegas Strip to the southwest entrance of the Wynn, where their shopping plaza (the Esplanade) begins.

Driving from the Luxor to the Wynn is slightly longer, (2.8 miles), as you have to go just slightly north of the Wynn on the Strip, past Wynn Main Gate Drive, to reach the self-parking garage. Still driving there would only take around 10 minutes.

Bus (Deuce or SDX) from Luxor to Wynn

While the Las Vegas bus system has two buses that run up and down the Strip (the Deuce and SDX), you’ll want to take the SDX (stands for “Strip Downtown Express”) for this trip whenever possible.

The nearest SDX bus stop to the Luxor is right across the Strip, a little south of the main Luxor hotels, at Mandalay Bay Road. It’s about a five minute walk from the front of the Luxor to this bus stop. SDX buses run every 15 minutes or so, and the ride itself will take only 17 minutes or so.

You’ll get off, of course, at the Wynn bus stop, which is directly in front of the hotel/casino and across the street from the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall.

In contrast, the popular and ever-present Deuce bus, takes 27 minutes to get from the Luxor to the front of the Wynn, due to having many more stops. The bus stop for the Deuce is the same as the SDX – across the Strip. You could also take a different Deuce bus stop a little north of the Luxor. This one is right across the street from the Excalibur.

Monorail or Tram from Luxor to the Wynn

While there is no direct tram from the Luxor to the Wynn, you could take a couple of different ones to make the walk a lot more reasonable.

First, you’d want to hop on the free tram that runs from the Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur.

From there, you have two options:

(A) the Las Vegas Monorail (which costs money)


(B) A combination of walking, and two free trams.

First (A), the Las Vegas Monorail:

This is the easier option, because it involves less maneuvers. After getting off the free tram to the Excalibur, you’d want to go over the bridges over the Las Vegas Strip and head on over to the MGM Grand, which is just catty-corner from the Excalibur.

Inside the MGM Grand, at the far back of the hotel, is a Las Vegas Monorail station. This tram runs north past most, but not all of the Strip. It does not have a stop at the Wynn, so you’d want to get off at the Harrah’s/Quad Station.

From there, it is a just over a 1/2 mile walk, through the casino, then on the Strip, to the Wynn.

Now (B), a combination of walking and taking free trams:

The Las Vegas Strip has three free trams that will help you make casino hopping a little easier.

If you’re following our advice, you’ve already decided to take the free tram to the Excalibur from the Luxor.

After that, you’ll head over to the NY-NY Hotel and Casino side, to the Monte Carlo resort, where there is a free tram to the Bellagio.

At the Bellagio, you’ll cross on over to Caesars Palace, walk past this Las Vegas icon to the Mirage, where another free tram will take you to Treasure Island.

Once at Treasure Island, it’s just a 1/4 mile walk (or 5 minutes) to the front of the Wynn.

Taxi from Luxor to Wynn

Including a 15% tip, it would be around a $12 to $15 cab fare to take a taxi for the roughly 2 and 1/2 mile trip from the Luxor to the taxi stand at the Wynn Las Vegas.