Distance from the Luxor to Harrah’s – How Far is it, and Can You Walk It?

The Distance from the Luxor to Harrah's is 1.94 miles.
The Distance from the Luxor to Harrah’s is 1.94 miles.

By Steve Beauregard

I probably wouldn’t recommend a walk from the Luxor Hotel and Casino to Harrah’s, on the northern part of the Strip, as it is almost two miles between the two resorts.

More specifically, it’s exactly 1.92 miles when walking on the Strip and pedestrian bridges to the south entrance of Harrah’s from the front doors of the Luxor. Not accounting for heat stroke, or stops inside casinos to re-fill on daiquiris, it would take you about 40 minutes to walk it, if you’re like most people.

Tram or Monorail from Luxor to Harrah’s

A better option is to use two trams (one free, the other inexpensive), to cut your walking distance to only about 1/2 mile total.

To do this, take the free monorail just outside the Luxor that runs north to the white turret in front of the Excalibur.

From there, cross over to the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and then onto the MGM Grand. (You’ll use two pedestrian bridges to do so). Once inside the MGM Grand, you’ll want to go right, to the east end of the complex, as that is where one of the Las Vegas monorail stops is located.

You can purchase your passes right at the MGM Grand Stop. The tram makes several stops, including one between the Quad and Harrah’s.

(Go here for the distance from the Luxor to the Quad).

At the Quad/Harrah’s monorail station, you’ll have about a 600 foot walk to the inside of Harrah’s casino. I love the Las Vegas Monorail – especially for routes like this – and recommend it as a pleasant way to casino hop without sweating yourself to death walking on the Strip all day.

Bus -the Deuce – from the Luxor to Harrah’s

Another way to skip the walking is to take the Deuce, or the Las Vegas Strip bus system. There is a stop directly in front of both the Luxor and Harrah’s, making a bus ride a convenient option for those of you who don’t want to walk to the monorail.

The Luxor station is across the Strip, however, on the east side of the road. It’s also towards the Mandalay Bay, so cross the Strip on Mandalay Bay Road, and you’ll see it to your left. And as I mentioned, the bus stops directly in front of Harrah’s. Between walking to the bus stop, and the ride along the Strip, you should get to Harrah’s from the Luxor in approximately 30 minutes. This doesn’t include time spent waiting for the Deuce, but they run very frequently during most day and evening hours – every ten minutes.

Taxi from Luxor to Harrah’s

Cab fare from Luxor’s shiny black pyramid to Harrah’s will set you back about $13 bucks, depending on traffic on the Strip.

Driving from Luxor to Harrah’s

Because Harrah’s Self-Park parking garage is well east of the hotel and casino, the best way to get to it from the Luxor is to avoid the busy Las Vegas Strip traffic, and take the main side street (Koval Lane), instead.

When driving north on the Strip, coming from the Luxor, Koval can be accessed by taking a right on Tropicana Avenue, then a left on Koval, which is the first left you’ll see after the massive MGM Grand parking garage.

Going north on Koval, you’ll want to go 1 and 1/3rd mile, taking a left on a street that doesn’t have a name, but which is the street you’ll see for Venetian and Harrah’s parking. It’s the first left after a street on your right called “Winchester.”

Once you’re on this no-name street, stay in your left lane. Up ahead, you’ll see signs directing you either to the right, for the Venetian, or left for Harrah’s. Stay left, and the signage will lead you right to the parking garage.

Driving wise, it’s about 3 miles from the Luxor to Harrah’s, and will take you about 15 minutes to get between the two casinos, (not including walking time to and from the parking garages).