How Far is the Distance from the Luxor to the Linq, and Can You Walk It?

It's 1.84 miles from the Luxor to the Linq
It’s 1.84 miles from the Luxor to the Linq

By Steve Beauregard

You can walk to the Linq Resort and Casino from the Luxor, but it would be quite a haul, as it is exactly 1.84 miles between the two resorts, as measured from the Strip entrance of the Luxor to the first entrance of the Linq – staying on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk the entire way. It would tale most people 35 to 40 minutes to walk it.

The Linq, formerly the Quad, and formerly Imperial Palace, is known for their low-limit tables and “Dealertainers” (dealers dressed up like celebrities). It’s also gaining in popularity due to its location next to the elaborate new promenande and observation wheel. (Go here for ticket prices for the High Roller Ferris wheel).

You can take a couple of monorails to cut back on the walking distance from the Luxor to the Linq, however if you’re going to walk it, simply hop on the Strip sidewalk and head north, towards MGM Grand.

You’ll cross over several pedestrian bridges and pass by almost all of the well-known Las Vegas on the way, however it’s pretty much a straight shot, 1.84 miles north, from the Luxor doors to the front door of the Linq.

Tram or Monorail from Luxor to the Linq

A far better option is to go to the MGM, then take the monorail from MGM to the Linq.

To get to the MGM Grand, you may either walk on the sidewalk and cross over the pedestrian bridge at the Excalibur to the Tropicana, then over to MGM Grand, or you may ride the free tram available from the Luxor to the Excalibur.

Either way, you’ll have some walking, as it is just under a 1/2 mile walk from the Excalibur tram station to the monorail station at the MGM Grand.

Still, the Luxor-Excalibur tram then MGM Grand monorail route is the best way to get from the Luxor to the Linq, as using these two trams will cut about 1.3 miles off of your walk.

So go to the Las Vegas monorail station at the far east end of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The nice thing about this particular route is that the monorail has a station at the Linq, about 500 feet east of the casino.Las Vegas monorail ticket prices are very reasonable in my view, and will get you from the MGM Grand to the Quad in just a few minutes.

Bus -the Deuce – from the Luxor to the Linq

With bus stops in front of the Luxor and very close to the Linq, it would be about a 1/2 hour bus ride on the Deuce between the two resorts. (Go here for prices for passes on the Deuce Las Vegas).

You could also take the other Strip bus system, the SDX, however it does not stop in front of the Linq. Rather, it stops at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, where you’d have another 10 minute walk or so to the Linq.

So when taking the Deuce, cross the Strip on Mandalay Bay Road, south of the Luxor. The bus stop will be a little on your left, just north of Mandalay Bay Road. After making five stops, it will stop in front of Harrah’s, which is just a one minute walk to the Linq.

Taxi from Luxor to the Linq

At almost 2 miles driving distance exact, a taxi fare from the Luxor to the Linq would run you in the $11 to $12 range normally – possibly more, depending on how busy the Strip is that particular day.

Driving from Luxor to the Linq

You can drive from the Luxor to the Linq by taking the Strip, however since the Linq Hotel’s self-parking garage is east of the resort (as is the custom of all mega-resorts on the east side of the Strip), the easier, faster way is go west on Tropicana Avenue, then left (north) on Koval Lane, which is just past the MGM Grand.

You’ll go north 1.2 miles, then take a left on Winnick Avenue. This is the street that leads to the giant High Roller observation wheel, and where you’ll see a lot of self-parking areas. Don’t use these parking areas, as they are for Linq Promenade and High Roller Observation Wheel customers. Linq Hotel parking is closer to the casino.

In either case, Winnick Avenue leads you (following the signs) to Linq Lane, and from there, it’s just a few feet of driving to the parking garage at the Linq.

Using this route makes it a 2.8 mile drive from the Luxor to the Linq, and would take you around 10 minutes to navigate. (Photo courtesy of Wes Dickinson via Flickr).