Linq High Roller Ferris Wheel – 2023 Ticket Prices & Hours

Updated January 1st, 2023

Situated at the end of the Linq Promenade in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller is the exiting, enormous large Ferris wheel that whisks riders up in air-conditioned cabins 550 feet above the busy Las Vegas Strip below.

Day or night, the perspective and views are incredible. For many visitors, including me, the High Roller Ferris Wheel is a must-do at least one during their Las Vegas vacation.

High Roller Ticket Prices are fairly reasonable
High Roller Ticket Prices are fairly reasonable

As for cost? Well, since its opening a few years ago, ticket prices have been all over the map as Caesars Entertainment management is constantly fiddling with ticket prices and promotions. Prices have been reduced to encourage ridership, and cabins offering an open bar have been introduced.

Typically you won’t have to experience any kind of line to wait to ride the High Roller.

The ticket will be sent to your phone for you to scan to gain entry. If you choose to use the “Will Call” option to get a physical ticket, it will cost a total of $6 more – even if you’re buying just one ticket.

High Roller Ticket Prices 2023

Caesars and their ticketing partner, Ticketmaster, change prices constantly based on demand. (This article contains affiliate links in which I may receive a commission)

Because the prices change day-to-day, it’s hard to keep up with exact prices. Below are starting online prices for one ticket before fees using mobile ticketing. The lower end prices are typically found on weekdays. Fees are $7.50 for one ticket. Using the will-call window adds $6 to the ticket prices below.

Daytime (2 PM – 5 PM) $23.50$8.50
Anytime (5 PM – Midnight)$34.75$17.50

So two night tickets to ride the Linq High Roller would cost $79.50 total, after fees. Linq High Roller Tickets from Ticketmaster (Caesar’s official ticket partner for the Linq) are available here: Linq High Roller Tickets

Often times, the website will have Flash sales, with discounted day tickets. You can see if they have a current Flash Sale here: Linq High Roller Flash Sale Tickets

You can also purchase tickets at the Linq ticket booth (at the base of the Ferris Wheel), or at the kisok on the Linq Promenade. You can also buy tickets from Guest Services inside the Linq Hotel.

Also note that if you are a resident of Nevada, (and have a Nevada driver’s license to back that up), you will receive 50% off of the standard prices.

Linq High Roller Hours of Operation

Inside one of the High Roller pods
Inside one of the High Roller pods

While the High Roller Las Vegas used to run starting at noon, (with different pricing). However recently they have decided to begin rides at 2 PM. Hours are currently as follows:

Every day of the week: 2 PM to Midnight

High Roller “Happy Half-Hour” Ticket Prices

To promote ridership, the High Roller offers a happy hour special, in which your ticket price gives you a ride in a pod with a free, open bar.

The free drinks are available for pretty much the duration of the entire 30 minute ride.

High Roller Happy Hour Prices and Hours

The happy hour pod has only one set price, not contingent on day vs. night. Tickets start at $60 before fees, which comes out to a total of $134 for two people. When tickets go to $62 (often on weekends), the prices is a total of $138 for two people after all taxes and fees.

Most current prices and ticket purchases can be made from Ticketmaster here: Linq Happy Half Hour

However often (not always) has discounted All-You-can Drink High Roller tickets here: Happy Hour Tickets.


Monday – Sunday 2 PM to Midnight

There are 4 cabins designated as the High Roller “Happy Hour” pods. After purchasing your happy hour tickets, you’ll wait in a separate area for one of the pods. All four pods have a bar of course, and a bartender.

Once inside, the free drinks start as soon as the doors close. Yes, you can drink all-you-can for the duration of the ride, which takes thirty minutes. A savvy and quick drinker can get five drinks in during the 30 minute ride. Please note that “last call” is about 3/4th of the ride in.

The liquor selection includes Jose Cuervo tequilla, Bacardi rum, Sky vodka, and Tanqueray gin, among others. There are the usual mixers, along with Sprite, Pepsi, ginger ale, soda water, lime juice, etc. Please note regular water is not served.

As for beer, plastic bottles of Coors Light (with the screw on/off caps) are served. One tip for my fellow cheapskates is to get a beer, tuck it in a backpack for later, then get another beer for the ride.

A Chocolate Ride and Yoga Rides

Editor’s note: These are not back available yet.

A new feature started in in 2016 is a ride called the “Chocolate Experience.”

Running on Thursday nights, from 5 PM to 8 PM, riders who pay $45 (after fees), can ride in special cabins with chocolate tastings of five different types of chocolates. There is also a wine pairing with the chocolates.

The Linq High Roller Happy Half Hour is a ride with an open bar.
The Linq High Roller Happy Half Hour is a ride with an open bar.

Another specialty rides are the designated yoga rides, in which you’ll perform yoga exercises during the half-hour loop. These yoga rides occur on Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays mornings, at 11:30 AM. For exact prices, please call the Linq at: (702) 322-0593.

Linq High Roller Family Ticket Package

Editor’s note: These are not back available yet. Below is the pre-Covid wording.

The High Roller’s previous package deal for a family 4 pack ticket option is on and off again.

As of this update, it’s on again. It costs just $60 (after fees) total, for all four of you. Two adults and two kids (age 7 to 17), can ride during the day (before 6 PM).

The anytime (night) ticket costs a total of $100 (after fees) for the entire family on the Linq’s site. This allows you to ride once anytime from open to closing.

Linq High Roller FAQ

High Roller vs. London Eye

Ticket prices for the Ferris Wheel are comparable to those of the London Eye, which is the 443 foot Ferris Wheel set on the banks of the River Thames in England’s capital.

There are 28 pods on the Linq High Roller
There are 28 pods on the Linq High Roller

At 550 feet tall, the High Roller tops a Ferris Wheel in Singapore by nine feet. In case you’re wondering, an “observation wheel” and Ferris Wheel are the same thing, however Caesars Entertainment prefers to call the High Roller an observation wheel.

Although just a baby, the observation wheel has already become a Las Vegas landmark, visible from nearly all parts of the center Strip. It has forever changed the already incredible Sin-City skyline.

More about the Linq High Roller

(By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of Robert Pernett, Ken Lund, Phil Guest, Tony Webster and cifraser1 via Flickr).