Distance from the Luxor to the Paris Las Vegas – How Far and Can You Walk It?

Paris Las Vegas is 1.38 miles from the Luxor
Paris Las Vegas is 1.38 miles from the Luxor

By Steve Beauregard

Walking along the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, it’s exactly 1.38 miles from the entrance of the Luxor Hotel and Casino to the front doors of the Paris Las Vegas. It would take the average person from around 25 to 30 minutes to walk it.

There are free trams, and not-so free monorails that can make the trip much faster (more on that below), but for those of you planning on walking, here are the directions:

Simply head north outside the Luxor’s front, Strip-side exit towards the Excalibur, (or take the complimentary tram from Luxor to Excalibur).

At the Excalibur Hotel and casino, go across the pedestrian bridge over the Strip to the Tropicana, then on over to the MGM Grand.

From there, you’ll go down to the Strip level and follow the Strip sidewalk all the way north to the Paris. It’s an interesting, crowded walk, with lots to see and do, and with lots of places to stop for drinks, if that’s your thing. Again though, it would be a 30 minute or so walk without stopping.

Tram or Monorail from Luxor to Paris Las Vegas

Unfortunately, the Luxor does not have a tram straight to the Paris, however there are a couple of different monorail options that can make the Luxor to Paris Las Vegas distance a lot easier.

First off, you’ll want to take the Luxor to Excalibur free tram. From there, you’ll have two options:

(A) Pay to take a monorail with very little walking.


(B) Take a free monorail with more walking.

First we’ll cover (A), in which you’ll want to head over to the MGM Grand to the Las Vegas Monorail station at the east end of the resort. It’s a .47 mile walk from the Excalibur to the monorail stop.
From there, the monorail will take you to Bally’s, which is connected via a walkway to the Paris Las Vegas.
Now (B), in which you’ll take a free tram, but walk a little more.

After taking the free Excalibur tram, you’ll want to walk to the Monte Carlo. You’ll head on over to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino, then north a little on the sidewalk to the Monte Carlo.

It’s exactly .36 miles from the Excalibur monorail station to the front door of the Monte Carlo. From there, it’s another .28 mile walk inside the casino (yes, over 1/4 mile), to the next tram station beyond the resort’s shopping area (just follow the clearly-marked signage).

You’ll take the tram from the Monte Carlo to the Bellagio. You’ll meander through the west end of the resort, until you get to the front desk. From there, go outside and to the right, where there’s a sidewalk which leads to the covered walkway.

Talk the Bellagio covered walkway down to the Strip, then cross the Strip over to Planet Hollywood, then across to the Paris Las Vegas. The distance from the Bellagio monorail station to the front doors of the Paris casino is exactly .54 miles, using mapmyrun.com’s precise measurements.

So to summarize, skipping the Las Vegas monorail at MGM, and instead taking the free tram at Monte Carlo will save you money, but you’ll walk 1.18 miles. Taking the Las Vegas Monorail will mean you only have to walk .47 miles.

Bus -the Deuce or the SDX – from the Luxor to Paris Las Vegas

Two Las Vegas bus systems, the Deuce and SDX, can get you from the Luxor to the Paris pretty easily. If possible, take the SDX, as it will get you there in about 10 minutes, versus about 15 minutes with the Deuce (the Deuce makes more stops).

(More Luxor distance information here: Distance from Luxor to Bally’s)

The Luxor’s SDX bus stop (It’s also the Deuce bus stop), is on the other side of the Strip, directly east of the Luxor. It’s also a little south, so cross over the Strip at Mandalay Bay Road.

It’s about a five minute walk to the bus stop from the front of the Luxor. The bus stops directly in front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Taking the SDX is by far the best way to get from the Luxor to the Paris Las Vegas, especially if you don’t wish to walk much, and wish to save money, as the Deuce is less expensive than Las Vegas Monorail pass prices).

Taxi from Luxor to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

A cab ride from the Luxor to Paris Las Vegas will run you in the $11 range, assuming the Las Vegas Strip isn’t at a complete standstill.

Driving from Luxor to Paris Las Vegas

It’s about a 1.8 mile drive from the Luxor to the self-parking garage behind the Paris Las Vegas.
Head up the Strip north, taking a right at the giant balloon in front of the Paris. This little street is called “Paris Drive” and will lead you to the parking facilities. The drive will normally take around ten minutes or so.