Primm Lotto Store: Hours & Address

When Las Vegas residents want to gamble, they go to….California?

Strange but true. Of course, here we’re talking about gambling on lottery and lotto tickets. That’s because for all of the $13 plus billion dollars wagered in the state of Nevada each year, none of that money is spent on lotto tickets.

Nevada is that rare state, (along with Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, and neighboring Utah), that doesn’t have a lottery. There is neither a state lottery, nor a multi-state lotto game, like Powerball or Mega Millions. In the eyes of the powerful Nevada gaming industry, any money spent on gambling outside casinos is money just wasted.

As such, residents of Las Vegas and other towns in Nevada have to cross the border in order to play the lotto. For the vast majority of Nevadans, the closest opportunity to play lotto is in a little store located at the California/Nevada border town of Primm, Nevada.

The approximately 4,500 square foot building is called the Lotto Store at Primm. It’s located just 90 feet south of the Nevada state line, and just south of the Primm Valley Resort & Casino and its attached Prizm Outlets shopping mall.

Primm Lotto Store Hours

7 Days a Week10 AM to 5 PM

This lottery store in Primm is decorated in the same Victorian-type style as Primm Valley Resort to the north. Outside, there a few parking spaces and Pepsi vending machines. Inside you’ll find walk-up windows staffed by employees, as well as self-serve kiosks.

In addition to California lottery and lotto tickets, you can purchase all of the other numerous California Lottery draw game tickets here. These include Super Lotto, Fantasy 5, Daily Derby and more. Big yellow kiosks inside also offer for sale the full variety of California Lottery scratch-off tickets.

They also sell juice, water, beer and other beverages inside. the Primm Lotto store is open every day of the week.

Prim Lotto Store Lines

When the jackpots are high, (especially over the $500 million range), the store can get packed, with lines forming around the building with wait times exceedingly long.

During a recent high Powerball jackpot, Las Vegas TV station Fox 5 reported people waiting in lines lasting over three hours. Footage showed the line sneaking well past the building, far down Lotto Store Road, the street in front of the Lotto Store.

The Lotto Store at Primm as seen from Interstate 15
The Lotto Store at Primm as seen from Interstate 15

And while it closes at 5 PM daily, the store says you must be in line by 3 PM to be guaranteed a ticket.

Primm Lotto Store Address

Nipton, California 92364

No, we didn’t forget a number. That’s it. That’s the address. Some websites put an address in Primm, however you cannot have a California Lottery retailer located in a Nevada town. It can be 90 feet away however.

Primm Lotto Store Phone Number

The phone number from the Primm Lotto Store is: (702) 386-7867.

It’s probably the only business in California to have a Nevada area code.


To get to the Primm Lotto Store, you’ll just take the only exit off Primm and go East on E. Primm Boulevard towards Primm Valley Resort & Casino.

You’ll take the first right, which is, interestingly enough, Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Lotto Store at Primm is just 90 feet south of the Nevada border.
The Lotto Store at Primm is just 90 feet south of the Nevada border.

After winding itself south past the casino and outlet mall, the road turns into “Lotto Store Road,” where the store is clearly seen on your right.

Oh, and as for the town of Nipton? There really is one. It isn’t just this store. The actual town of Nipton is a very small one-horse town located a 20 minute drive south of the Primm Lotto Store. They must have expanded the city boundaries far north to accommodate the Lotto Store (possibly for tax revenue reasons?).

Nipton, California used to have a general store that sold lotto tickets (and I hear, a wonderful date shake). While the store, the Nipton Trading Post, is further away from Las Vegas than the Primm Lottery Store, (59 miles vs. 40 miles), some lotto ticket buyers drove the extra length to avoid three or four hour wait times in Primm. However a recent Google search seemed to show the store has permanently closed.

Primm Lotto Store FAQ

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(By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of Al Pavangkanan via Flickr.)