Linq Hotel & Casino to Mandalay Bay – How Far is the Distance, and Can You Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

At just over two miles away (2.06 miles to be exact), Mandalay Bay is not really within easy walking distance of The Linq Hotel and Casino – especially during Las Vegas summers.

The walking route is basically straight down the Las Vegas Strip and up and over several pedestrian bridges. How long would it take you to walk from the Linq to Mandalay Bay? About 40 minutes without stops.

The easiest non-tram route would have you simply walking south on the Las Vegas Strip (staying on the Linq side of the Strip), all the way down to Excalibur, then crossing over the Strip, and walking from there on to Mandalay Bay. There are, however, a couple of different monorail and tram options that would make the trip easier.

Mandalay Bay is about 2 miles away from the Linq
Mandalay Bay is about 2 miles away from the Linq

Tram or Monorail from The Linq Resort and Casino to Mandalay Bay

The easiest tram option is to take the Las Vegas Monorail from the Linq to MGM Grand. There happens to be a monorail station at the Linq, between Harrah’s and the Linq at the back of the two resorts. (Go here to see how much Las Vegas Monorail passes cost).

From the monorail station at the MGM, it’s a .47 mile walk over to the Excalibur tram station, by way of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

There, you could take the complimentary monorail from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay.

Of course, the Las Vegas monorail part of this trip costs money, so if you are a cheapskate, you could head out from The Linq on over to the free tram that runs from the Bellagio to the Park MGM, then walk from there to the Excalibur.

This still involves a lot of walking, as it is exactly .8 miles from the front doors of the Linq to the Bellagio tram station. From there, it is another .64 miles through the Park MGM Hotel and Casino, out to the Strip, past the NY-NY and to the Excalibur tram station.

In other words, taking these free Las Vegas Strip trams would save you money, but would have you walking about one mile more than you would have, if used the Las Vegas monorail from the Linq to the MGM Grand instead.

Bus (Deuce) from the Linq to Mandalay Bay

It’s about a twenty minute bus ride from The Linq to Mandalay Bay, when using the Las Vegas Strip bus system known as the “Deuce.” (Go here for Deuce Las Vegas bus ticket prices).

The nearest southbound bus stop to the Linq is directly across the street, right in front of Caesars Palace, just a minute walk from the front of the Linq. After your 20 minute bus ride, the Deuce stops directly in front of Mandalay Bay.

I haven’t mentioned the other Strip bus system, the SDX, as it does not stop in front of the Linq. You’d have to walk a ways to get to the nearest SDX stop.

Overall, taking the Deuce to travel the 2.06 mile distance from the Linq Hotel and Casino to Mandalay is an affordable and convenient option – and the best way if you want to avoid any walking at all.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft from the Linq Hotel and Casino to Mandalay Bay

Taxi fare from the Linq to Mandalay Bay will run you in the $14 range (before tip), and will take you ten to 15 minutes, depending on Strip traffic. (And not counting time spent waiting in line for a taxi).

A recent UberX estimate came in at $9.91 for this Linq to Mandalay Bay route. That was before tip.

Driving from the Linq to Mandalay Bay

It’s 2.8 miles from the parking garage at The Linq to Mandalay Bay, using Koval Road east of the resort. Once you’re on Koval going south, you can take a right on any major cross street (Flamingo, Harmon or Tropicana) to get back on the Strip. Right after the Luxor on your right, you’ll take a right on Mandalay Bay Road.

Driving from the Linq to Mandalay Bay will take ten to fifteen minutes.