Slotzilla, The Fremont Street Experience Zipline: Ticket Prices & Hours

The Slotzilla Zipline Platform on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

The Slotzilla Zipline Platform on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

By Steve Beauregard

As if the fun and excitement of being on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas weren’t already enough, there’s an even better way to get “high” downtown: it’s the Slotzilla zip line and zoomline, where you can soar at speeds approaching 40 miles per hour high above the Fremont Street casinos and your fellow tourists below on the ground.

Ziplines are very popular now of course, however the Fremont Street’s Slotzilla zip line may be one of the most unique on the planet, as it puts riders directly under the massive, bright and flashing Fremont Street Experience light show, and above one of the most iconic and famous streets in the entire world.

Then there is the start of the ride itself, a 12 story replica of (what else?) an enormous slot machine. Let’s just say you won’t have a hard time finding it when you are downtown.

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The Slotzilla zipline opened on April 27, 2014, (at a cost of $12 million), and immediately became a big hit. There are two different ways you can choose to ride the zipline: (1) The typical zipline sit down style, where you hang on to the rope, or (2) the flying-with-hands-out, “Superman” style type ride.

Sitting down style

The more traditional zip line method, this ride is the lower, and shorter of the two options.

You’ll start at the Slotzilla platform on Fremont Street. The ride is about 850 feet (or 794 feet says the builder), and lasts around a half minute. According to the builder, the zipline can reach speeds of up to 32 miles per hour.

You’ll glide 77 feet above the Fremont Street pedestrian traffic below, getting off at the ending platform, which is at the western end of the 300 block of Fremont Street, between the Four Queens Hotel and Casino and the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Superman style

As opposed to the traditional zipline ride, the Slotzilla calls this the zoomline ride. It’s higher, longer, and more expensive than its little brother, the zipline underneath it.

With the Slotzilla zoomline you still take off from a platform at the giant slot machine, however your fly a lot higher than the zipline. The zoomline is 114 feet above the street, versus the zipline’s 77 feet elevation. This 37 foot difference doesn’t seem like a lot, until you’re up there, looking down.

The Superman style zoomline is also a much longer ride, at 1,700 feet. You’ll soar the entire length of Fremont Street, ending up near the Plaza Hotel and Casino, in-between the Golden Gate casino and the Las Vegas Club. This ride takes about a minute.

Fremont Street Slotzilla Zipline Prices and Hours of Operation

The Slotzilla’s ticket booth is located at the bottom of the giant slot machine on Fremont Street.

Sit down Slotzilla zipline cost:

Before 6 PM: $20

After 6 PM: $25


Currently there aren’t any sort of all-day, or unlimited ride pass type of deals. However there are discounts of 20% off for seniors 65 and over, and for active duty military personnel.

Superman-style Slotzilla Price

Before 6 PM: $40 per ride.

After 6 PM: $45 Per ride.

Either ticket can be purchased at the Slotzilla ticket office, which is located at the bottom of the giant slot machine on the east end of Fremont Street.

You may also purchase tickets by phone, at (1-844-Zip-Vegas), or online, at The phone line is operated from 7 a.m. (Pacific) to 8 p.m. Also, phone orders will cost you $4 more per ticket.

Slotzilla Hours

Both the zipline and zoomline are open as follows:

Sunday – Thursday: 1 PM to 1 AM

Friday – Saturday: 1 PM to 2 AM

Some other tidbits about Slotzilla: For both the zipline and zoomline have four cables each, meaning each ride has the capacity for four riders to go at once (not on the same harness).

A rider flies by on the Slotzilla Zipline on Fremont Street

A rider flies by on the Slotzilla Zipline on Fremont Street

As for pictures, you cannot carry your camera or phone with you as you ride. In fact, you are not allowed to carry, or hold anything with you as you ride, (including your beer), due to the fact that an Iphone or Coors Light bottle may sort of hurt when dropped from 114 feet high.

Instead, there is a decent sized, zipped up pouch attached to your ride designed to hold your belongings.

If you are interested in a picture, you may purchase a photo of your ride taken by the Slotzilla-hired professional photographer. You’ll find your photo at the bottom of the platform you landed upon.

As for children? There are no age limits, however there are weight limits. You must be between 60 and 300 pounds to ride the zipline, and between 100 and 300 pounds to ride the zoomline. Children under 13 years of age, must show up with a rider who is 13 years or older.

(Photos courtesy of Ken Lund and Prowebix via Flickr).