Weather in Las Vegas, NV in March – Average Temperature and Highs and Lows

By Steve Beauregard

The busiest month all year in Las Vegas is March.

And why not? With spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, and oh yeah, March Madness, Sin City gets real popular in March, welcoming over 3.6 million visitors during the month.

And those visitors usually get to experience almost perfect weather conditions. Although the month of March in Las Vegas has seen temperatures ranging from 19 degrees, all the way up to 92 degrees, those are extremes.

March temperatures in Las Vegas are usually near perfect
March temperatures in Las Vegas are usually near perfect

Typically the city experiences a normal daytime high temperature of 70 degrees.

Average temperature in Las Vegas in March

Overall, the normal temperature in Las Vegas during March is 59.9 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15.5 degrees Celsius.

The normal daily highs stay in the high 60’s during the first twelve days of March, gradually rising to a typical daily high temperature of 74 degrees, during the last three days of the month.

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The normal March lows in Las Vegas range from 47 degrees early in the month, to 52 degrees in the last few days of March. These lows though, usually hit when people are sleeping, in the 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. hours. Normally, walking in Las Vegas late on a March night is not uncomfortable.

Some other weather facts about Las Vegas weather in March:

Las Vegas High and Low Temperatures in March

As we mentioned earlier, the typical daily high temperature in March is 70.3 degrees. Eighty degree days are rare. Ninety degree days are even rarer, although it has happened.

Hottest Temperature in March in Las Vegas

The weather inside a Las Vegas sports book during March Madness is always perfect
The weather inside a Las Vegas sports book during March Madness is always perfect

The warmest it has ever gotten on a March in Las Vegas is 92 degrees (or 33.33 degrees Celsius), on March 21, 2004.

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Coldest Temperatures in Las Vegas in March

The normal daily low for Vegas in March is just under fifty degrees Fahrenheit, at 49.4.

The lowest, coldest March temperature ever in Las Vegas is 19 degrees. This happened on March 2nd, back in 1939.

Precipitation in Las Vegas in March

As you know, the Las Vegas region doesn’t get much precipitation. Nonetheless, March in Sin City sees an average of .44 inches of precipitation total during the month. This makes it the 4th wettest month of the year.

The wettest March day in the Las Vegas valley’s recorded history took place on March 27th, 1992. On that day, the National Weather Service recorded 1.2 inches of precipitation falling.

As for snow? It’s rare in Las Vegas, and even rarer to see snow in March. Even if it does snow, it is usually not even enough to record. In fact, March with the record amount of snowfall in Las Vegas is March of 1976, when just .01 inches of snow fell during the month’s 31 days combined.

According to the national weather service, the latest “occurrence of snow” in Las Vegas is March 14, 1975.

Las Vegas Weather and Temperatures During March Madness and Easter

March Madness is when Vegas gets packed. It’s also one of the most fun times to be in town. Although the dates for the games aren’t constant, we usually see March Madness kicking off with the “First Four” around March 15th to March 18th proceeding to the Final Four and championship game ending usually in one of the first days of April.

Temperatures during March Madness in Las Vegas are almost perfect. From March 15th to the end of the month, the average daily highs range from 70 to 74 degrees.

These temperatures are roughly the same figures for those times when Easter falls in late March, rather than early April. Although on the Easter of 2013, (March 31, 2013), Las Vegas saw a high of 81 degrees.

Weather and Convention Facts for Las Vegas in March

* The windiest March day in Las Vegas history was March 2nd, 1989, when a wind gust of 51 M.P.H. swept through town.

* In terms of sheer number of visitors, March is typically the busiest month of the year in Las Vegas. In 2015, however, May visitation numbers surpassed those of March.

* March is usually Las Vegas’ busiest month of the year in terms of gaming revenue, (thanks to March Madness betting, along with baseball futures), however again, in 2015, May beat out March for the first time in recent memory.

* In terms of hotel occupancy rates, the average hotel occupancy in all of Las Vegas (downtown, the Strip, the suburbs, etc.), in March in Las Vegas is 90.2%. However when you just count March weekends, the occupancy rate jumps to 95.6%

* For hotels on the Strip, (for all days), the month’s occupancy rate is exactly 90%, while Fremont Street hotel/casinos, see an average March occupancy rate of 83%.

* In terms of conventions, March is fairly slow in Sin City. With spring break and March Madness bringing in the masses, there isn’t much need (or room), to try to supplement these big crowds. In fact, of the top 30 conventions in Las Vegas, (ranked by number of attendees), only one takes place in March.

* The big conventions in March are the Nightclub and Bar Show (yes, there is such a thing), which brings in 39,000 visitors. The Western Veterinary Conference brings in 14,500 conventioneers.

(Photos courtesy of @wewon31 and cifraser1 via Flickr).