Where is the Nearest Burger King Location on the Las Vegas Strip?

The only Burger King by the Las Vegas Strip is by the Stratosphere
The only Burger King by the Las Vegas Strip is by the Stratosphere

By Steve Beauregard – Yes you are in a new town and on vacation, but after losing your shirt, and downing a few drinks while in Las Vegas, there’s nothing like the familiar, low-budget culinary staple known as Burger King.

There are 56 Burger Kings in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Yet unlike McDonalds, which can be found up and down the Strip and in food courts at the Excalibur, Luxor, MGM Grand and Monte Carlo, there is not currently a Burger King directly on the Las Vegas Strip. There are Johnny Rockets locations at many food courts (such as Mandalay Bay) as well, but no Burger Kings for some reason.

There is one Burger King on Las Vegas Boulevard, but not technically on the Strip. (The Strip is defined as the stretch from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere).

This Burger King is just .2 miles north of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, at 1736 S. Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s about 2 and 1/2 miles from the center of the Strip, from places like the Flamingo or Caesars Palace.

This BK happens to be just a five minute walk from the Stratosphere. Be warned, however, that this area is not the best. The location sits in the sometimes rougher area you see when driving from the Strip to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

As a side note for you poker geeks out there, this Burger King is across the street from the Oasis Motel, where famous poker player Stu Ungar died of a drug overdose. So you can ponder that while chomping down on your Whopper Jr. with cheese.

The one BK location that was on actually on the Strip – an always busy Burger King next to the beer pong tables at the old O’Sheas Casino next to the Flamingo – is gone, a victim of the multi-million dollar Linq project. And while O’Sheas has been rebuilt, a Burger King was not included in the new version.

As a result, for most of you, the nearest Burger King to your particular hotel will be at least a mile off of Las Vegas Boulevard. Here are the closest Burger Kings to the Las Vegas Strip, along with a map: (The yellow star denotes the center of the Las Vegas Strip, while the red circles are Burger Kings.)

Tropicana Burger King

The next closest one is at 3620 W. Tropicana Avenue. This franchise location is on the west side of Interstate 15, about a 3/4 of a mile west of the Strip. It’s not a self-standing restaurant, but rather, part of a Shell gas station.

The closest hotel and casinos nearby this Burger King are the Excalibur, NewYork – New York, and the MGM Grand. When driving from the Strip to it, you hop on Tropicana Avenue and go over the Interstate 15 Bridge. It’s two blocks past the In-N-Out Burger on your right, which is the closest In-N-Out Burger to the Las Vegas Strip.

Flamingo Burger King

The Burger King at 4815 W. Flamingo is just under 2 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip (it’s exactly a 2 mile drive from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino to this Burger King). The restaurant is open until 10 p.m., seven nights a week, but the drive-through is open until midnight.

South Las Vegas Strip Burger King

On the south side, the nearest place to get your BK french fry fix is far south of the airport and Mandalay Bay. It’s located at 7400 S. Las Vegas Boulevard.

While Las Vegas Boulevard is also the name of the Las Vegas Strip, the south part of the Strip doesn’t start until you get to Mandalay Bay. This Burger King is just over 2.5 miles south of Mandalay Bay, at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets mall.

The only other nearby Burger King to the Strip is at 3355 S. Maryland Parkway. This is the Burger King closest to the Wynn and Venetian, at 1.8 miles away from the Strip. It’s just 1 and 1/2 miles away from the Westgate.

To get there, go east on E. Desert Inn Road, then take a right on S. Maryland Parkway. It will be on your right.

There are two Burger Kings located inside McCarran International Airport.

Now Closed (As of March 2016)

Whopper Bar at Rio

This unique Burger King was inside the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, just west of the Strip, (it’s the hotel with the large red and purple towers). Opened in 2011, it closed in March of 2016 to make way for a new Smashburger.

This BK was the first of its kind in Nevada. It’s a place where the slogan, “special orders don’t upset us” was especially true, as you could add a variety of toppings to your burger not normally found at most Burger Kings, (or any fast food restaurant for that matter). In some ways, t was sort of like a fancy Subway, in that you pick your “fixin’s.”

At the Whopper Bar at the Rio, you could watch, as a “Whopper-ista” (their words, not mine), prepared your burger with toppings like guacamole, pepper bacon, blue cheese, A-1 Steakhouse, etc.

You could also get a combo meal that comes with a beer. Like a “Happy Meal” for grown-ups. The Whopper Bar was open 24 hours a day. (Go here to get the distance from the Rio to the Strip).

(Photo courtesy of matze_ott via Flickr).