Harrah’s Parking Garage, Valet Information, Fee, & Directions to the Self-Park Area

There's lots of parking at Harrah's Las Vegas

There’s lots of parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

By Steve Beauregard (Updated February 2017)

Although it is surrounded by shiner, fancier neighbors, Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino remains popular with affordable rooms and a central-Strip location that is hard to beat. The location is so good, in fact, that many non-hotel guests use the Harrah’s parking garage as a jumping off point to explore resorts up and down the Strip.

Harrah’s self-park parking garage is located behind the hotel and casino, to the east of the resort.

It consists of a seven story structure that is attached to the casino on the garage’s second level. The clearance for this parking structure is 6 feet, 11 inches, however they do have parking for oversized vehicles in the employee parking garage behind the guest garage.

There is also a lot that Harrah’s own behind the resort in which they allow you to park your R.V. However in both cases (arriving in an oversized vehicle and/or R.V.), you must contact Harrah’s first to make sure they have a spot available for you. Please also note that the Harrah’s Las Vegas R.V. parking area is just parking only. There aren’t any utility hook-ups available.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Fee

A new development, Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino will begin charging patrons (including hotel guests), to park at the resort. An exact date has not been announced, but the statement from Harrah’s parent company indicated paid parking will start in the spring of 2017.

And while they have not announced how much it will cost to park at Harrah’s, they have released valet parking rates, which are as follows:

Up to 4 Hours: $8

4 to 24 Hours: $13

Over 24 Hours: $13 for each additional day.

Parking will be free for anyone who reached Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars status on their Total Rewards card.

Some other notes:

* Hotel guests staying at Harrah’s will have the valet fee automatically charged to your room.

* The valet fee you pay is not good at any other Caesars Entertainment hotel, even on the same day. In other words, if you decide to drive to Caesars Palace and valet park there, you’ll pay a new valet parking fee.

* Hotel guests staying at Harrah’s will have in-and-out privileges, however non-hotel guests will have to pay a new valet parking fee each time they leave and drive by to Harrah’s. Even during the same day.

Directions to Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Garage

Although Harrah’s has just one large parking garage, there are two different ways to get there: from the Strip, and from behind the hotel.

* From the Strip

Getting to Harrah’s parking garage when going north on the Strip is easy, but when going south, it can be a hassle. More on that in a second.

First though, when going north on the Strip (towards the Venetian as a point of reference), you simply take a right just after passing the Linq Hotel and Casino.

It’s very easy, as this takes you underground, below the Carnival Court party and retail area – meaning you don’t have to wait for pedestrians to cross or anything.

When going South on the Strip, (towards the Bellagio), you’ll notice, at the southernmost end of Harrah’s and almost past it, a left-hand turn lane in the far left side of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The back entrance to Harrah’s parking garage from Koval Lane

This left lane allows you to turn into the underground driveway entrance, just as it would if you were going northbound and made a right.

The difference, however, is that there is not a stop light or turn signals to make this left-hand turn into Harrah’s. Because the Strip can be wall-to-wall vehicles at night (and sometimes during the day), you may have a long wait to make a successful left hand into the parking structure.

Either way, the underground driveway leads you to the back of the resort, where signs will point you to a left hand turn, enabling you to enter Harrah’s self-park parking garage.

* From Behind the Resort

Often times this is the easier, less crowded way to get to Harrah’s parking garage.

You reach the parking garage from one of two roads east of the Strip, right behind all of the big resorts. One is called, “Linq Lane.”

When driving on E. Flamingo Road, Linq Lane is the first left you can take after the Strip. Taking Linq Lane will lead you to Winnick Avenue, at which point you’ll want to take a left towards and under, the High Roller Ferris wheel.

Signs will point you up a little ways to Harrah’s white multi-story parking garage, which will be on your left.

The other main road you may take to get to the garage is called “Koval.” It’s a busy street that runs parallel to the Strip, (and longer than Linq Lane).

On Koval, you can get to Harrah’s by turning into Winnick Avenue (there is good signage on Koval showing you the way), however most people use the entry way near the Venetian.

This road is not named for some reason, but large signs and specific turn lanes let you know the specific lane for access to either Harrah’s or the Venetian’s self-parking garage.

Once you are on this unnamed road, stay in one of the two far left lanes, as the right lane will take you to the Venetian parking area.

At a fork in the road (see the Google Street view photo above), you’ll have the option of going straight, to the Harrah’s valet and/or hotel registration, or staying left, to the self-parking area.

If you’re wanting to park yourself, staying in one of the left lanes will very shortly have you at the entrance to Harrah’s self-parking garage entrance, which will be on your right.

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Valet Parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

As mentioned above, going straight at the fork in the road off of Koval Lane will lead you down a side road to the hotel. Harrah’s valet parking area and hotel registration area will be marked by signs, and you will take a left hand turn off of this road to get there.

(Photo courtesy of Karlis Dambrans via Flickr).