Distance from the Westgate to the Wynn – Can you Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

It’s approximately 1.1 miles from the The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino to the Wynn Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know, the Westgate is the fairly new name for what had been the LVH, which had formerly been called the Las Vegas Hilton, which had formerly been called “The International” which had formerly been called “dirt on the ground.”

When I say 1.1 miles, I’m measuring by going from the front door entrance of the Westgate to the Wynn Hotel and Casino entrance at Wynn Main Gate Drive.

Walking from the Westgate to the Wynn would take an average walker in the 20 to 25 minute range.

The beautiful Wynn is within walking distance of The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino
The beautiful Wynn is within walking distance of The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

There are basically only two different ways to walk this route.

The shortest walking route has you leaving the front door and following the sidewalk on the south side of the resort. In other words, stay on the south side of the big Westgate sign.

The street in front of you is Paradise Road. Walk south on Paradise Road (you’re pretty much under the Las Vegas monorail track) for about 1/3rd of a mile until you get to the first main street, Convention Center Drive. Use the crosswalk to go west and walk along the sidewalk along Convention Center Drive.

There are usually people and lots of traffic on this street, – especially when there is a convention going on – so I consider it to be safe area and walk, but that decision is always up to you.

You’ll pass by a Marriott, a vacant lot where a Clarion hotel stood before being imploded in February of 2015, a couple of older motels, a shiny office building and the entrance to a Ross Store on the right.

After about 6/10th of a mile of this, you’ll hit the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), where you’ll take a left (going south).

From there, it’s just a .4 mile straight shot down the strip. You’ll pass another cheesy strip mall, and across the street will be the shell of what was supposed to be the Echelon Hotel and Casino, until the recession stalled construction. Now, with new owners, construction is scheduled to start up again soon as a new venture called Resorts World.

(Here’s the ideal walking route from the Westgate to the Wynn:)

Up on your left will be the Wynn’s sister resort, Encore. You can enter through there if you need the air conditioning, as the Encore’s building is connected to the Wynn via the Wynn shopping area, called the Esplanade.

Staying outside on the sidewalk will take you past the first the self-parking entrance. Stay on the sidewalk a few more feet and follow it when it meanders left at the Wynn Main Gate Drive.

The other route to walk is just 1/10th of a mile longer.

It’s similar to the other one, but instead of going south on Paradise Road, you’ll cross the street just north of the big Westgate sign, going west on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

This route passes a gas station, some empty parking areas, and some elegant (and expensive) condominiums called Turnberry Place. Reportedly, Brittany Spears once lived there.

The distance from the Westgate to the Strip is just 4/10th of a mile. On your right will be what was supposed to be (and still one day might be), the Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino. Directly in front of you heading west will be Circus Circus.

At the Strip, you’ll want to go left, (south) on the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard).

You’ll clearly see the Encore ahead of you. Before that however, you’ll pass by the world-famous Peppermill restaurant. The classic Las Vegas joint has been featured on the Travel Channel, and is legendary for its portions and famous clientele.

After the Ross Store and another strip mall, you’ll be at Convention Center Drive, where the directions are straightforward, and the same as I wrote about on the first route above.

Taxi or Uber/Lyft from Westgate to the Wynn

At about 1.3 miles between resorts, a taxi from the Westgate to the Wynn will run you in the thirteen dollar range.

An UberX will be around $8.

Monorail From Westgate Las Vegas to Wynn

The Las Vegas monorail has a convenient stop inside the Westgage, however it does not stop at the Wynn. Nevertheless, taking the monorail will save you some steps on your feet.

The tram does not stop at the Venetian unfortunately, meaning the closest tram stop to the Wynn is the one at the Linq/Harrah’s.

By my calculations, walking from the Linq/Harrah’s Monorail stop to the southern entrance to the Wynn resort is only about 7/10th of a mile. This includes the distance spent walking from the Linq/Harrah’s tram station to the strip, and then onto the entrance to the Wynn.

Compare this to the 1.1 mile walk skipping the Las Vegas monorail, and you’ll save yourself almost a mile (round trip), but you’ll pay to ride the monorail. ($5 for a one-way pass or $12 for an all-day pass).

Bus From the Westgate to the Wynn

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to get from the Westgate to the Wynn is to just walk the .4 mile stretch from the Westgate to the Strip (on Riviera Boulevard), then catch the Deuce (“Deuce” is the name of the bus system that goes up and down the Strip).

The closest bus stop will be directly in front of Slots A Fun. Hop on the Deuce, and then get off at the first stop, which will be directly in front of the Wynn. Cross the street, walk a few feet on the sidewalk going right (south), and you’ll be there at the entrance.

Driving From the Westgate to the Wynn

Not including time spent walking from your spot in the Westgate parking garage to the self-park garage at the Wynn, this 1.3 mile drive would only take you about 5 minutes.

With this option, you’ll want to go west on Elvis Presley Boulevard, taking a left on the Strip then going south on the Strip to Wynn Main Gate Drive, where you’ll take a U-Turn, going back north on the strip. Please note there is a fee to park at the Wynn Las Vegas Parking Garage.