Is There a Movie Theater on the Las Vegas Strip?

By Steve Beauregard

For a lot of visitors caught up in the middle of the noise, and lights and the non-stop party of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s fun and relaxing to take a two hour break and catch a movie.

But while it may be the entertainment capital of the world, the Las Vegas Strip has just one movie theater, albeit one with eight different screens.

You would think there would be a ton of movie theaters on the Strip, but apparently they don’t want you spending two hours away from the tables and slots.

The only movie theater on the Las Vegas Strip is behind the Coke bottle on the left

The only movie theater on the Las Vegas Strip is behind the Coke bottle on the left

In any case, the one movie theater on the Strip is the United Artists Showcase Theater 8, (part of the Regal Entertainment Group). It’s a block north of the MGM Grand.

More specifically, the theater is located right behind the Hard Rock Café on the Strip.

It’s sort of an odd location. The exact address is 3769 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, but the actual front door is in an alleyway, about 300 feet east of the Strip.

The alleyway is simply called “MGM” and it’s the access road you’ll see in-between the giant Coke bottle and Hard Rock Café.

(Here’s the front of the alleyway entrance)

Las Vegas Strip Movie Theater and the Showcase Mall

The movie theater is part of the Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. This is the large green glassed building just north of the MGM Grand. It is home to the giant Coca-Cola bottle and the fun, M&M’s World Las Vegas.

You can purchase tickets either inside the mall, or inside the actual theater entrance on the aforementioned alleyway.

If you buy the tickets in the Showcase Mall area, you can simply walk the theater via a pedestrian walkway over the alleyway, then down to the theater.

Built in 1997, the theater is somewhat old compared to the shiny new mega-plexes you may be used to back home. This theater does not have stadium seating, and the theaters are fairly small, ranging from 180 seats up to 580.

The lineup of movies is pretty devoted to mainstream, popular movies, with the last of the starting times going very late into the evening, (11:45 p.m.-ish). Typically, the theater isn’t very crowded, regardless of the time.

Las Vegas Strip Movie Theater Parking

The movie theater has parking that is accessible directly from the Las Vegas Strip. The parking garage is pretty much on top of the theater.

To get to it, drive north on the Strip, past the first part of the Showcase Mall, past the large Coke bottle, and past the MGM alleyway. Take a right into the marked parking garage entrance, which is just feet after you pass the Hard Rock Café’s giant guitar.

Please note that unlike your multi-plex back home, this Strip movie theater charges for parking, albeit a modest fee (recently it was $3 I believe). If that weren’t bad enough, it can be very hard to get into, especially on a weekend night when the pedestrian traffic makes making a right hand turn into the parking entrance almost impossible.

On the plus side, there is a great view of the Strip from the top of the parking garage.

Those of you who are cheap like me can instead use the MGM Grand Parking Garage, for free. Keep in mind though, it could end up being up close to a ½ mile walk, depending on where you find a spot in the large MGM Grand parking structure.

As a side note, although this is anything goes Las Vegas, the movie theater does not serve beer or alcohol.

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They do, however, serve the Popcornopolis gourmet popcorn brand.

(Photo courtesy of Abi Skipp via Flickr).