By Steve Beauregard

It has 250 stores, 36 restaurants, and is one of the busiest, most popular retail malls in one of the busiest cities in the world. Yet despite its popularity, there is plenty of parking space at the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Fashion Show Mall’s center-north Strip location puts it within easy walking distance to tens of thousands of hotel rooms.

The Fashion Show Mall Has Plenty of Parking

The Fashion Show Mall Has Plenty of Parking

These include the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino (2,885 rooms), and two of the top five largest hotels in the world: the Wynn/Encore complex (4,750 rooms), and what the Guinness Book of World Records calls the largest hotel in Las Vegas: the Venetian/Palazzo complex, with 7,017 rooms.

In other words, a huge portion of the estimated 12 to 13 million annual visitors to the Fashion Show Mall are people who strolled to it from nearby hotels, meaning the number of cars at the Fashion Show Mall is disproportionally low compared to large scale malls in other cities. (Like the Mall of America in Minneapolis, for example).

Fashion Show Mall Parking Fee

There is none!

While casinos up and down the Strip have institued paid-parking plans, the Fashion Show Mall remains one of the few remaining free parking spaces on Las Vegas Strip.

The mall has 4,500 parking spaces, all free, unless you use one of the mall’s five different valet parking areas, which is discussed in more detail later.

To use this free self-parking, you basically have two main choices: the south side of the mall, (across from Treasure Island), or on the north side of the mall (by the Trump Hotel). Both the north and south parking areas also give you a choice to park either underground, or above ground.

(The black “P” represents the free self-parking garages and spaces. The yellow stars are the valet parking areas)

South Side Parking at the Fashion Show Mall

Spring Mountain Road is the busy street in-between the T.I. Hotel and Casino and the Fashion Show Mall. To access this from the Strip, go west (away from the Wynn), on Spring Mountain Road. From there, it’s just about 250 feet to Fashion Lane, where you can take a right and use the underground parking entrance next to Macy’s.

Alternatively, there is another underground parking entrance two hundred feet down the road at Saks Fifth Avenue. Continuing past Saks and down the same little road will lead you to the above ground parking area.

To skip the underground parking, just stay on Spring Mountain Road until you get to the next right, which is Mel Torme Way. A feet hundred feet down the winding road will be the highly-visible entrance to the Fashion Show Mall’s south deck parking structure.

North Side Parking at Fashion Show Mall

Access to these parking areas are off of Fashion Show Drive, which is the road that goes by the Trump Hotel, on the mall’s north side.

To access it from the Las Vegas Strip, go west on Fashion Show Drive. This road is also called “Wynn Main Gate Drive” when going north on the Strip.

Once on Fashion Show Drive, the well-marked entrance to the garden level parking area will be on your left, approximately 300 feet west of the Strip. This is the parking entrance closest to Macy’s and Forever 21.

Six hundred feet up the road on Fashion Show Drive is another underground parking entrance, at Nordstrom. Again, this will be on your left, right across from the Trump Hotel.

If underground parking is not your thing, you can proceed another 250 feet or so, just past Nordstrom, to an above ground parking structure on your left.

Wherever you park, it’s always wise to try to remember your parking area’s designated color. There’s nothing worse than being lost while carrying a boatload of clothes through a parking structure during a hot Vegas day. Trust me on this one.

Valet Parking at the Fashion Show Mall

(Yellow stars on map)

There are five different valet parking stands at the Fashion Show Mall, four are at anchor stores, while the other is designed as valet parking for restaurants like the Capital Grille or Maggio’s Little Italy. (Go here to see all of the restaurants at the Fashion Show Mall).

You’ll find valet parking outside of Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. The fifth is near the giant Forever 21 store, but closer to the elevator entrance to Capital Grille and Maggiano’s Little Italy.

(Photo courtesy of www.david via Flickr).