Linq Hotel & Casino to Excalibur – How Far is the Distance, and Can You Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

A walk from the Linq Hotel and Casino to the Excalibur is certainly feasible, as the distance between the two casinos is 1 and 1/2 miles, door to door.

It’s 1.49 miles to be very exact, and this includes the zig-zags you have to take when walking on the Strip around casinos, and up and down pedestrian bridges.

The walk would take you about a half hour, if you don’t make any stops for drinks or to gamble.

The Excalibur is 1.5 miles from The Linq
The Excalibur is 1.5 miles from The Linq

The easiest route is to go south towards the Flamingo and just stay on the sidewalk until you get to the MGM Grand. From there, you can take the pedestrian bridge on over to the New York – New York Hotel and Casino, then the bridge on over to Excalibur’s shiny white castle.

Tram or Monorail from the Linq to Excalibur

Because there is a tram station inside at Linq resort, (actually behind it a little), it’s pretty easy to casino hop. If you have a monorail pass, (Go here for Las Vegas Monorail ticket prices), just hop on the monorail, getting off at MGM Grand.

From the MGM Grand Las Vegas Monorail station, it’s just a tad over a 1/2 mile walk to the entrance of the Excalibur’s casino, by way of the pedestrian bridges at the Tropicana.

One option that seems better than it is, is to take the free monorail from the Bellagio to the Park MGM Hotel/Casino. You can do this, but it won’t save you any walking time. I measured it personally (I’m odd that way), and calculated that it’s a .8 mile walk from the Linq’s doors to the Bellagio tram station. After getting off at the Park MGM station, it would be another .64 mile walk to the Excalibur.

So basically, taking the free tram would not save you any walking distance, as you’d be walking 1.44 miles to and from tram stops, whereas the walking distance from the Linq to the Excalibur itself is just 1.49 miles.

Bus (Deuce) from the Linq to Excalibur

The Deuce is the name of the bus that carries drunk tourists (and sober ones too), up and down the Strip. This is the best and cheapest way to get between the Linq and Excalibur should you not want to spend much, nor walk much. (Go here for the price of bus prices for the Deuce).

When wanting to go south, to casinos like the Excalibur, the closest Deuce bus stop to the Linq Resort & Casino is right across the street at Caesars Palace.

From there, it’s just a 17 minute (or so) ride to the bus stop directly in front of the Excalibur.

It should be noted that the SDX bus, while popular, is not a good option for this route, as there is not an SDX bus stop real close to the Linq, as there is for the Deuce.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft from the Linq to Excalibur

A cab ride from the Linq to the Excalibur will – on average – cost you in the $14 range before tip. A recent UberX quote gave me a total of $9.48 (before tip).

Driving from the Linq to Excalibur

It’s 2.3 miles from the parking garage at The Linq to the Excalibur parking area on the west side of the hotel/casino. It’s about a ten minute drive.

Leaving the Linq Resort’s parking garage, you’ll follow the signs to Koval Road, where you’ll go south.
From there, you’ll take a right on E. Flamingo Road and then a left on Las Vegas Boulevard. (Las Vegas Boulevard is the official street name of the Strip).

Go south on the Strip, and go past the Excalibur (yes, you read that correctly), to the first road after the Excalibur, called Reno Avenue. You’ll see signage pointing to the Excalibur parking there. I’ve parked there, and it’s not that bad of a walk to actually get inside the casino.