By Steve Beauregard (Updated January 2018)

While not gone entirely, the days of incredibly cheap casino restaurant breakfast deals up and down the Las Vegas Strip are pretty much a thing of the past. There are, however, a few select deals found on the Strip that will enable you to eat a decent, yet cheap breakfast.

First off, by “cheap,” I’m not talking about under $15, or even under $10. For cheapskates like me, a cheap Las Vegas Strip breakfast is defined as around five bucks.

I’m also talking about sit down restaurants.

Blondie's Breakfast is $3.99 until 9 AM

Blondie’s Breakfast is $3.99 until 9 AM

There are numerous McDonalds along the Strip where you can get your cheap fast food breakfast, but in this article, we’re sticking with places where you sit down, are served, and can enjoy a leisurely morning meal that doesn’t involve a paper sack.

The key to finding a cheap casino restaurant breakfast, is to avoid casino restaurants. By that I mean the hotel/casino owned restaurants or coffee shops found easily on the main floor of every casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Due to their prime locations, these hotel-owned restaurants always have a steady business, and will always have the financial backing of their parent casino. Thus, there is no great incentive from them to offer incredible service or deals, as they are always guaranteed to have business.

The key, then, is to seek out the places competing for your meager breakfast dollars. And the place where numerous independent restaurants have to compete against each other is in the various shopping malls attached to casino/hotels along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Cheapest Breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip

The Holy Grail of cheap Las Vegas Strip breakfast deals can be found in back of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

The deals can be found at the numerous sidewalk cafe type restaurants all along the indoor Miracle Mile Shops. The deals start off good with the front facing restaurants, but get even better the further back you walk.

At the very back are the two lowest priced breakfast deals on the Strip. They happen to be across from each other, making it easy to hit the other one if the first one is busy, or doesn’t suit you.

The first one of the two cheapest breakfasts on the Las Vegas Strip, is found at Blondie’s Sports Bar & Grill in the Miracle Mile mall at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

Blondie’s Breakfast

The sports themed restaurant, with waitresses dressed like cheerleaders, is in the back of the mall, across from the Planet Hollywood Theater. From Monday to Friday, (7 AM to 9 AM), they offer a breakfast special that features 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon or sausages, and hashbrowns for just $3.99.

After 9 AM, the breakfast goes up to $5.99 and lasts until 11 AM.

You can add toast to this for just another 99 cents. Unlimited coffee is $2.75 additional.

Keep in mind, this breakfast deal is just on weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the deal jumps up four more dollars I believe.

They also have breakfast drink specials (this is Las Vegas of course) in the form of Bloody Mary’s for just 99 cents! (Monday – Fridays only). Mimosas for $3.00 each. (A regular non-alcoholic orange juice is $5.00)

As far as service, we didn’t have any. Our service was horrible, but that may have been just an off day for the place. Those of you wanting to check out Blondies Sports Bar & Grill at Planet Hollywood later will find beer pong tables and tournaments, and even all you can drink specials.

Directly across from Blondies Sports Bar & Grill (we’re talking thirty feet), is the other great deal: the $4.79 breakfast deal at La Salsa Cantina.

La Salsa Cantina Breakfast Special

For $4.79, you get two eggs cooked any way you like, your choice of bacon, ham or sausage, two tortillas (your choice of corn or flour), and potatoes. (At Blondie’s, they don’t offer tortillas. They do offer toast, but it is a buck extra). The warm tortillas are a very nice touch, and there are a couple of different hot sauce options at the table to spice it up a bit.

A cup of coffee at La Salsa Cantina is $2.79 additional.

Keep in mind, this breakfast special ends at noon.

We sat on the little patio overlooking the Miracle Mile walkway, and really enjoyed both are meal, atmosphere, and excellent service. (The consensus seems to be that service is much better at La Salsa Cantina than it is at Blondies).

La Salsa Cantina at Planet Hollywood has one of the cheapest breakfast deals on the Las Vegas Strip

La Salsa Cantina at Planet Hollywood has one of the cheapest breakfast deals on the Las Vegas Strip

The La Salsa Cantina also has a 99 cent Bloody Mary special. Keep in mind, they aren’t very big, but for less than a buck, your expectations should be low. If the 99 cent bloody Mary is too small, you can upgrade to the very expensive, ahem, $2 version.

Before tip and tax, the whole meal with coffee was $6, and these days in Las Vegas, that’s hard to beat. The day before, I dropped ten bucks for a coffee and bland yogurt parfait at the walk-up deli at the Flamingo, near the entrance to the Linq. So the deals at Blondies and La Salsa Cantina are definitely worth a little extra walk.

Previously there were two other convenient La Salsa Cantina restaurants with cheap breakfast deals. There was a cousin to La Salsa Cantina (called La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill) located at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, however it has since closed.

In addition, the Salsa Cantina restaurant location at the Showcase Mall near the MGM Grand closed in June of 2016.

Ocean One Bar & Grille

Another good breakfast deal is also in this mall area by the Planet Hollywood Theater, directly across from La Salsa Cantina. It’s called the Ocean One Bar & Grille and it may be the best lunch deal in Las Vegas, with $4.99 meals.

For their breakfast special, they have a $5.99 breakfast deals. These include your standard two eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes meal, but there’s also a $5.99 pancake special that includes your choice of ham, bacon or sausage.

They also have 3 for 1 drinks, all day, every day.

(Photo courtesy of Jared via Flickr).