Fireworks in Las Vegas 2017 – New Year’s Eve & the 4th of July

Fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip

Fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip

By Steve Beauregard (Updated December 21st, 2016)

The biggest party city in the world doesn’t take a rest on two of the biggest party days of the year, New Year’s Eve, and the 4th of July.

Sin City goes all out on the two days, setting off thousands of fireworks (80,000 to be exact), that light up the nighttime sky over the Strip even more than usual. (As if the town needed more color, lights and excitement in its night life.)

On each of the two holidays, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, fireworks are shot off of the tops of several casinos on the Las Vegas Strip as well as some other locals casinos off of the Strip.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip

Each New Year’s Eve, over 300,000 revelers crowd the Strip to party and watch the fireworks display. This year, city official expect 330,000 people to welcome in 2017 on the Strip. The city is spending $500,000 on their NYE’s fireworks show this year.

Traditionally, seven different casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have participated in a coordinated December 31st fireworks show.

The tradition continues this year. The Stratosphere, Treasure Island, The Venetian, Caesars Palace, Aria, Planet Hollywood, and MGM Grand will all shoot off fireworks atop their respective properties on the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas New Year’s Eve fireworks show starts at midnight.

Just like last year, there will be 80,000 fireworks set off during a fireworks display lasting eight minutes and eight seconds. As is custom, the fireworks show will be accompanied by music. Musical selections include songs from David Bowie, Prince, and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Of course, they’ll also play “Auld Lang Syne.”

Places to Watch the New Year’s Eve Fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip

For free? You can enjoy the fireworks from the Strip, as the road will be closed to traffic beginning at 5 PM on New Year’s Eve.

Also, any of the pedestrian bridges along the Strip act as good, free vantage-points in which to see the NYE fireworks display.

I’ve personally enjoyed the fireworks show from the pedestrian bridge linking Bally’s to the Bellagio. The pedestrian bridge from The Cromwell to Caesars is a fine spot as well.

Those of you who don’t mind to pay a little (or a lot), to gain a good vantage point have plenty of options.

Caesars Palace

The Roman courtyard area out in front of Caesars (near the Bellagio side) will have a party area reserved from 10 PM to 12:30 AM on New Year’s Eve.

Prices start at $149 per person, and includes a premium open bar, space heaters, seating areas and a dessert bar. The VIP cabana type package (they call it the VIP “Living Room”) package runs $2,000 and includes seating for 8 with your own space heaters and bottles of both Belvedere and Dom Perignon.


Brand new this year is a party on top of the casino part of the Linq, overlooking the Strip.

It’s so new, the name of the club, “Clutch” isn’t even on the Linq website yet. However the club is actually part of the the Vortex area, which is the outdoor space on top (the 5th floor) of the casino part of the Linq Hotel and Casino. The space, d overlooks the Strip and promises wonderful views of the fireworks.

Your $200 ticket gets you a D.J., open bar, “late night bites” and a party from 10:30 PM to 1 AM.

High Roller

A pod on the highest Ferris wheel in the world isn’t a bad place to watch the Strip fireworks below, just be prepared to pay for it. One Vegas news source has reported that ticket prices for the High Roller New Year’s Eve pod packages run up to $5,000. That’s to rent an entire pod, with it stopping for the fireworks show. Drinks are included as well.

The High Roller will also sell individual tickets to ride, at $450 per person. For that hefty price, you’ll get a pre-party with open bar and D.J., before boarding a pod, which will also have an open bar and champagne toast at midnight, (but no bathroom – be warned.)

Beer Park

Places like the new Beer Park at the Paris Las Vegas have an elevated outdoor patio that offers great views. The cover charge of $125 gets you entrance, and an open bar from 9 PM to Midnight. (A champagne toast at midnight too). More elaborate reserved seating/drink packages at the Beer Park on New Year’s Eve run up to $2,000 per person.


The Level 107 Sky Lounge atop the Stratosphere charges you $269 on New Year’s Eve. It includes a 2 hour open bar. This is a different party than the Stratosphere’s “Stargaze NYE” party, which takes place on the observation deck. Tickets for this party start at $338 per person.

NY-NY Hotel and Casino

At the NY-NY Hotel and Casino, you can pay $187.20 for their “New Year’s Eve Bridge Bash” on the outdoor bridge section of the resort. This ticket price gets you an open bar from 8 PM to midnight.

You could also pay the fireworks premium to watch the show at rooftop bars at places like the ones atop the Mandalay Bay and the Rio (for $150 a ticket), however the free Las Vegas Strip street view isn’t bad either.

Las Vegas Fireworks on July 4th

While not as large as the Strip’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration (hardly anything else in the world is), there are still a number of fireworks shows in Las Vegas that help celebrate America’s birthday.

In addition, there are fireworks displays at a downtown baseball stadium (on July 4th only), and in the nearby suburb of Henderson. There’s even a fireworks show at a beach! Mandalay Bay’s beach, that is.

In fact, the online booking travel site, Travelocity, has put Las Vegas in the top five of the country’s top 4th of July fireworks experiences.

Las Vegas Strip Fireworks

(TV footage of the Las Vegas Strip’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks)

Unlike the coordinated, seven-casino fireworks extravaganza held annually on the Strip on New Year’s Eve, Caesars Palace does the heavy lifting on the fourth of July.

Caesars Palace July 4th Fireworks

Caesars has traditionally set off fireworks from the top of one of their towers, beginning at 9 p.m. on July 4th. On occasion, the fireworks display has occurred on the nearest Saturday near the fourth, rather than the 4th itself. This year, however, the 4th occurs on a Monday, so Caesars’ fireworks display will take place on Sunday July 3rd.

For 2016, the Caesars Palace fireworks show will again start at 9:00 p.m., with the fireworks launched from the top of the resort’s Julius Tower. One of six towers at Caesars, this newly remodeled and expanded section of the resort was previously called the “Roman Tower.”

Caesars Palace says the 4th of July fireworks show will last for 13 1/2 minutes.

A professional fireworks company called “Fireworks by Grucci” is in charge of the show again, as they have been in year’s past.

As part of Caesars Palaces’ 50th anniversary celebration, the Independence Day fireworks show will include a block party in the plaza and steps directly in front of the resort.

In 2014, (the first year the Linq promenade was open), Caesars Entertainment (owners of the Linq) held a fireworks display at 9:30. Fireworks were set off behind the High Roller observation wheel.

Mandalay Bay Fireworks

At the far south end of the Strip, Mandalay Bay will continue their annual fireworks tradition. It’s usually part of a concert/beach party held at the resorts elaborate swimming pool area.

Fireworks are expected to go off at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 3rd.

As in 2015, the 2016 Fireworks show will feature the group, 311 playing at the Mandalay Bay Beach. And unlike other fireworks celebrations in Las Vegas, this will be a two-night affair of fireworks. Called the “Red White and Boom,” the concert/party will be followed by fireworks after both shows. One is on Saturday, July 2nd, and the other the next day on Sunday, July 3rd. The last tickets I saw started at $57.00

Stratosphere Fireworks

On the extreme, other opposite end of the Strip, The Stratosphere lights up the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip with their traditional pool party and fireworks display. This year, 2016, the fireworks will go off on Sunday, July 3rd, at 9 p.m.

The fireworks are shot off from the top level of the resort’s adjacent parking garage.

Tickets to their July 3rd fireworks pool party at the Elation pool (on the 8th floor), cost $30 plus tax, (so $32.70 total per person I believe).

Tickets for the higher-up and more exclusive Radius Pool on the 25th level are $65.40 each (after tax). Your ticket to the Radius Rooftop Pool and Wet Lounge (as they call it), includes free drinks from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. This party is for adults only and is limited to 200 guests.

On the non-pool party side, they also have tickets to get to their levels 108 and 109. This level names are misleading in that they are actually the levels at the very top of the Stratosphere. Level 109, in fact, is the high observation deck which is perched 866 feet above the Las Vegas Strip down below.

July 3rd tickets to the Stratosphere’s Level 107 Lounge also cost $29.99.

In 2015, tickets to watch the fireworks from Levels 108 or 109 at the Stratopshere’s Observation Deck costs $29.99. This included a free open bar from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. And while tickets to the general public cost $29.99, guests staying at the hotel only had to pay $14.99.

Other Las Vegas-area Fireworks Displays

There are other options for those of you willing to venture off of the Strip.

Stations Casinos Fireworks

In the past, the Stations Casinos chain of “locals” casinos has held fireworks at five of their properties: Aliante, Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Resort, Fiesta Rancho, and Texas Station. Last year, the Independence Day fireworks took place at just two Stations’ resorts: Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort.

For this year, only one Stations casino will host a fireworks show.

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino will have a fireworks display on Friday, July 1st beginning at 9 p.m. The show is more to celebrate Stations Casinos 40th anniversary, than it is to celebrate the U.S.A.’s independence, as July 1st, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Palace Station.

Lake Las Vegas Fireworks

Located about 19 miles east of the Strip, the Lake Las Vegas resort area will shoot off fireworks over the lake at 9 p.m. on Sunday July 3rd.

Fireworks over Caesars Palace

Fireworks over Caesars Palace

Las Vegas 51’s Baseball Team Fireworks

Like with many other minor and major league baseball teams, the Las Vegas 51’s ball club typically hosts an after game fireworks display on either July 4th, or after the home game that takes place closest to the holiday.

This year, the 51’s are home on July 4th, playing the Salt Lake City Bees at Cashman Field, which is just a little north and east of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The game starts at 7:05 p.m. and fireworks will proceed after the game.

In addition, there are fireworks displays in North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, and Boulder City.

In 2016, the city of Henderson, (south and east of the Strip), is hosting their free fireworks show at 9 p.m. on Monday July 4th, at Mission Hills Park.

Downtown Fremont Street Las Vegas Fireworks

It’s sort of hard to see fireworks in the sky, when your view is blocked by a gigantic canopy. This is why downtown Las Vegas does not shoot off fireworks. Instead, the Fremont Street Experience light show goes ballistic, displaying fireworks graphics on both July 4th, and on New Year’s Eve.

Photos courtesy of David Stanley, and InSapphoWeTrust via Flickr).