Denny’s Las Vegas Strip Location at the Casino Royale & Downtown on Fremont Street

Denny's Las Vegas is Not Your Grandpa's Denny's
Denny’s Las Vegas is Not Your Grandpa’s Denny’s

By Steve Beauregard

In Las Vegas, everything is a little, well…different than in the normal world. Even something as simple and traditional as your classic Denny’s restaurant gets bigger, and more adult in Sin City.

There are twenty different Denny’s restaurants in Las Vegas, 19 of which are open to the public. The other is located inside Nellis Air Force Base and not accessible to the general public.

Four of the Las Vegas Denny’s are on the Strip, with a another one downtown on Fremont Street.

The Big Kahuna of Denny’s in Las Vegas is the enormous, brand new, flagship Denny’s situated above the Casino Royale and Walgreens on the Las Vegas Strip, right across from the Mirage Hotel and Casino. It opened to packed crowds on November 21, 2014.

It’s a complete remodel of a Denny’s formerly inside the Casino Royale, which had been there since 1966. The old version closed in January of 2014 for the renovation.

Denny’s says that this location is the highest grossing Denny’s in the world. So far, the new version seems to be doing even better. You might think that visitors on vacation would want to try something different than what they could find back home, yet Denny’s reliable menu of quality food at very affordable prices continues to bring in Las Vegas crowds. Plus, prices for breakfast at most casino restaurants are pretty high. (Go here for the cheapest breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip).

A 50 foot illuminated fork out front fights with the other neon on the Strip for your attention. And because it is on the second level, the restaurant is accessible via an escalator from the Strip sidewalk. There’s even a sign at the bottom, letting you know of the wait time before you commit yourself to going upstairs.

(The red pins show you the four Denny’s on the Las Vegas Strip, along with the other locations in Las Vegas)

Once inside, you’ll find a sparking, spacious restaurant that holds up to 300 guests. While there is a patio, there is not patio seating. You can, however enjoy the view, or walk out on the patio to take in the wonderful views of the Mirage, and its famous exploding volcano.

To show you the potential for this restaurant, the old Denny’s at this location had $2.1 million in sales in just the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Las Vegas Strip Denny’s Information

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Address and Phone:

3397 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV. 89109

Phone (702) 474-4417

The escalator that takes you to the main Denny's on the Las Vegas Strip
The escalator that takes you to the main Denny’s on the Las Vegas Strip

Denny’s Downtown on Fremont Street and Wedding Chapel

While a prominent location and 50 foot lighted fork ensures you can’t miss the new Las Vegas Strip Denny’s, the downtown version is also easily identifiable – this due to an exterior décor resembling a 3rd graders straw craft project.

This Denny’s is located on the east end of the start of Fremont Street, specifically inside entertainment complex called Neonopolis, at the intersection of 4th Street and Fremont. It’s across the street from (what else), another Walgreens.

Perhaps the most unusual Denny’s in the world, this Denny’s has a full bar (known for its Bloody Mary with bacon), a photo booth and even a wedding chapel.

The west facing outdoor patio offers a great vantage point for watching the freaks, drunks, walkers-of-shame and other assortment of odd balls found walking on Fremont Street.

Speaking of oddities, you can get married inside this Denny’s.

The Denny's on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas
The Denny’s on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas

As I mentioned, the restaurant is home to a wedding chapel, and yes, they have had weddings there. In fact, Denny’s sells wedding packages that includes the use of the chapel, pancake wedding cakes, t-shirts and everything else you could think of to help make this special day romantic. Ahem.

Other Denny’s on the Las Vegas Strip

You’ll find a Denny’s on the South end of the Las Vegas Strip, in the strip mall that is next to the giant Coke bottle by M&M’s World on the Strip. It’s also right across the Street from the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.

On the north end of the Strip, you’ll find a Denny’s just a few feet north of the Encore, in another strip mall and next to a Walgreens.

The fourth Denny’s on the Strip is technically not on the Strip, but it’s close enough for our purposes. It’s located 600 feet north of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, in the area of Las Vegas that starts to get a little shady.(Photo courtesy of Graeme Maclean and Ken Lund via Flickr)