Distance from the Luxor to Treasure Island (TI) – Can You Walk It?

By Steve Beauregard

The large shiny black glass pyramid of the Luxor and pirate themed resort Treasure Island, (or T.I.), are nearly on opposite ends of the Las Vegas Strip, making a walk between the two popular casino hotels a long, but not impossible journey.

It’s 2.3 miles, or 3.7 kilometers from the front of the Luxor to Treasure Island, at the bridge over the water entrance. It would take you about 45 minutes to walk it, as you’d be traveling a very large portion of the Las Vegas Strip. There are however, three Las Vegas Strip trams that could cut down your walking time tremendously. (More on that in a second).

The simplest walking directions are to just head north (towards the Excalibur) on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk and keep going 2.3 miles until you get to T.I. It’s not exactly a straight shot, as there will be three different diversions that take you up and down pedestrian bridges over busy Las Vegas cross streets.

It's 2.3 miles from Luxor to Treasure Island
It’s 2.3 miles from Luxor to Treasure Island

The walk, however, is safe and very interesting, as you’ll be surrounded by thousands of happy tourists, smut peddlers, and most of the major Las Vegas landmarks, (Bellagio’s lake, City Center, the faux Eiffel Tower, Caesars Palace, etc.)

Tram from Luxor to Treasure Island (T.I.)

While there is not one direct tram that goes from the Luxor to Treasure Island, there is, as I mentioned, three free trams offered by some casinos that can cut down the time spent on your feet. To use the trams, do the following:

In the Luxor, take the free tram that goes from Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur.

At the Excalibur, you’ll exit at a white turret, where you’ll go north over the pedestrian bridge to the New York New York Hotel and Casino. Continue past the Statue of Liberty and around the Strip on to the Monte Carlo. You’ll go left at the entrance just past Diablo’s restaurant.

All the way at the other end of the Monte Carlo, past the Street of Dream shopping area, is the Monte Carlo/Aria/Bellagio tram. Take that to the Bellagio.

Once at the Bellagio, make your way to the north entrance, going through the length of the casino, and out and over to Caesars Palace.

After walking on the sidewalk past Caesars, walk inside to the Mirage (the entrance is just past the last of the Forum Shops). From there, the Mirage has a free tram ride to Treasure Island.

Bus (the Deuce) From the Luxor to Treasure Island (T.I.)

There are two great bus routes that can take you from the Luxor to Treasure Island. They’re called the Deuce and the SDX. Either way, the originating bus stop will be the same – the one just south of the Luxor, and on the other side of the Las Vegas Strip. (Walk towards Mandalay Bay on the Strip sidewalk, then cross over to the east side of the Strip at Mandalay Bay Road. You’ll see the bus stop a little to your left).

When possible, take the SDX bus, (or Strip Downtown Express). The SDX runs about every 15 minutes. It’s a five minute walk from the Luxor to the bus stop, an approximately 17 minute ride to the SDX bus stop closest to the TI (at the Wynn), and then a five minute walk from the Wynn bus stop to Treasure Island, making the whole trip take about 1/2 hour.

Taking the Deuce, rather than the SDX, is another option, but one that will take longer since there are more Deuce bus stops.

When taking the Deuce, (Go here for Deuce bus passes prices), you’ll still have the five minute walk from the Luxor to the bus stop, but the bus ride itself will be around 30 minutes. You’ll get off at the Venetian stop, which is only a two or three minute walk over to Treasure Island. (The SDX does not stop at the Venetian, but the Deuce does).

Taxi Fare from the Luxor to Treasure Island (TI)

The 2.7 mile drive up the Las Vegas Strip from the Luxor to Treasure Island will likely cost you between $12 and $13 (if the taxi driver stays on the Strip). This doesn’t include a tip for the taxi driver.
Driving from Luxor to Treasure Island

While you could drive up the Strip to T.I., the faster driving route for when the Strip is very busy would be Interstate 15, which is the busy highway just west of the Luxor.

This drive is a little longer, at 3.6 miles to the Treasure Island self-parking garage, versus 2.7 miles taking the Strip, but it will save you time in most cases. This drive would take about ten minutes, versus a 15 minute drive on the Strip when it’s busy.