Kid Friendly Magic Shows in Las Vegas for the Whole Family

There always plenty of entertaining magic shows going on in Las Vegas. The entertainment capital of the world is home to residencies by David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and Criss Angel, among others.

However in terms of the most kid friendly magic show in Las Vegas, there is one king. Mac King.

Mac King has an incredibly funny family-friendly magic show at the Excalibur
Mac King has an incredibly funny family-friendly magic show at the Excalibur

Even though I found the show to be kid-friendly, guests must be 5 years of age or older to attend (per the Exaclibur’s website). This may be to prevent screaming babies from interupting the show? I don’t know.

All I know is that I took my two kids (both of whom are under eight), and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I don’t want my kids to see the risqué moving billboards driving up and down the strip, but my wife and I had no problem taking them to see Mac King’s fun show.

Longtime Las Vegas Residency

Mac King has been performing his family-friendly show in Las Vegas since 2000. You don’t get to stick around as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip for that long without being wildly entertaining.

After a 22 year run at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino, King moved his unique show down the Strip to the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in the summer of 2021.

A Kentucky native, King, has a multi-generational appeal that may be more of a comedy performance than magic show. With a combination of kid-friendly shows, daytime performances, and affordable ticket prices (especially by Las Vegas standards), it’s easy to see why Mac King has nearly 6,000 shows under his belt, which is partially covered by his signature ratty plaid jacket.

Mac King Magic Show Times

Mac King performs one or two shows a day. Here are the standard dates and times:

Tuesday – Saturday 3 PM

During busier times in Las Vegas, there will be a 1 PM show as well. These busier times include December 21st – 31st, a week stretch in late April, and a two-week stretch in late June.

The show is “dark” (i.e. closed) on Sundays and Mondays, along with Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day.

Per King’s website, the show runs about 70 minutes in length. We all felt the show was well worth the very affordable price of admission. (More on that below).

Part of King’s appeal is the simplicity of his act. Other than the props, it’s a bare bones production that works. There are no flashy lights, no showgirls, and no special effects. Just a man in a worn plaid suit telling jokes and performing dazzling acts of magic.

Due to all of the spontaneity in the act, every show is a little bit different. There can be the occasional joke containing some sexual innuendo. But it’s likely to be joke that goes way over the kids’ heads.

Mac King Ticket Prices

There are two pricing tiers, with the more expensive option placing you closer to the stage. Current prices from the Excalibur itself (before taxes and fees) are as follows:

Category A$54.95
Category B$44.95

However cheaper prices can often be found., for example, often has Category B tickets for $29.99 (before taxes and fees). You can find them here: Discounted Mac King tickets. (I am an affiliate for and may receive a commission should you purchase tickets from them.)

My kids and I loved the Mac King show, which is pretty affordable by Las Vegas standards.
My kids and I loved the Mac King show, which is pretty affordable by Las Vegas standards.

For 2 tickets in Category A, the VIP option, the total price for two, after taxes and fees, is $132.88 from the offiical Excalibur Mac King page here: Excalibur Mac King Comedy Magic Tickets

However sometimes offers these same 2 category A seats available for a total of $109.01. Tickets available here: Discounted Mac King Tickets from

Mac King Show Value

With many Cirque, and Blue Man type of shows fetching three-figure ticket prices, I cannot emphasize enough how it’s tough it is to find a better entertainment deal on or off the Las Vegas Strip. Especially if you score the discounted tickets from, or another third party re-seller.

As for Category A or B? Well, sitting closer to the stage may be worth it, especially if you’re one of those who actually want to volunteer to be on stage. King will call for volunteers during the show, and your front seats will improve your chances of being part of the show.

The show takes place at the Excalibur’s Thunderland Showroom, which is located on the second floor of the resort, called the Castle Walk level, near the Excalibur’s food court. You access this from the escalators on the casino level. If you’re driving to the show, there is a fee to park at the Excalibur.

Other Kid-Friendly Magic Shows in Las Vegas

Here are some other kid-friendly magic shows in Las Vegas, (along with a mention of a couple of not-so kid-friendly shows).

Mat Franco

You may have seen him on America’s Got Talent, but now he appears six days a week at the Linq Hotel & Casino, in his “Magic Re-invented Nightly” show.

Mat Franco performs at the Linq Hotel & Casino
Mat Franco performs at the Linq Hotel & Casino

Shows run every day of the week, except Wednesdays, at 7 PM.

In the past, there have also been an additional 9:30 PM Saturday show, and that may return.

Franco’s show is in a smaller theater, and there aren’t a lot of special effects here. It’s more a combination of comedy and slight-of-hand tricks. As with Mac King, guests must be five or older to attend.

Franco often starts his 90 minute or so show talking about his roots in magic, specifically about his grandma. The show is funny, and wholesome, and appropriate for the entire family.

There are five different pricing levels, ranging from $49.99 up to $128 (all before taxes and fees). Tickets from the Linq’s official Mat Franco page can be found here: often has $49.84 tickets (in the cheap seats) available here: Discounted Mat Franco tickets

Shin Lim

The Canadian magician dazzled my family and I on his way to winning America’s Got Talent in 2018, and now he’s mesmerizing countless fans on the Strip. In fact, Shin Lim has become Sin City’s hottest new show.

The super popular Shin Lim performs at the Mirage
The super popular Shin Lim performs at the Mirage

The Mirage describes his magic as being, “…perfect for the entire family.” However children must be 5 or older as well to attend.

Entitled “Limitless,” his brand of magic at the Mirage Hotel & Casino takes place from Thursday to Monday at 7:30 PM. (He takes off Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Prices in the way back start at $39.99 directly from the Mirage here: Shin Lim Ticketmaster seats, going up to $229 a seat for front section “meet and greet” seats. These do not include taxes or fees.

Tickets are also available from here: Shin Lim tickets

David Copperfield

Perhaps the most famous magician alive, Copperfield’s frequent appearances at the MGM Grand are not offensive, and have a minimum age requirement of five years old.

Shows run everyday of the week at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. On Saturdays, there’s often a 3rd show at 4 PM.

The shows aren’t designed for kids, but they are family friendly, if you don’t consider the cost of the ticket prices, which start at a family unfriendly $109.13 after taxes and fees from the MGM Grand itself here: MGMGrand/DavidCopperfield will sometimes have tickets for $112.35 (after fees) here: David Copperfield tickets from

Criss Angel “Mindfreak”

Planet Hollywood on the Strip is home to this 90 minute show, which is described as being suitable for ages ten and up.

Tickets start at $79, with shows taking place Wednesdays through Sundays at 7 PM.

Penn & Teller

While I haven’t personally seen this show, (Jillette is a little too anti-God for my tastes), reviews are mixed.

Not mixed in terms of the quality of the magic, but mixed as to whether or not this show is family friendly. There are reviewers who have said the F-bomb is dropped, and that there is some political talk. Do what you want with your own family, however by all accounts, this show isn’t really designed for kids.

By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.