Distance from the Luxor to Planet Hollywood – How Far Is It, and Can You Walk It?

The Planet Hollywood is a fun and action-packed casino right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, and is just 1.22 miles from the front doors of the Luxor Hotel and Casino. It would take you about 25 minutes to walk between the two resorts, if you walked the entire way.

To do so, either head out on the Las Vegas sidewalk in front of the Luxor and head north to the Excalibur Casino, or use the enclosed walkway that connects the two resorts. Either way, it’s about 1/2 mile walk.

Planet Hollywood is 1.22 miles from the Luxor
Planet Hollywood is 1.22 miles from the Luxor

Once you’re at the north end of the Excalibur, take the right pedestrian bridge on over to the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. The gleaming white South-Florida themed casino has a walkway to the other pedestrian bridge that leads to the MGM Grand, across Tropicana Avenue.

From there, go down the escalator and simply follow the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk north all the way to Planet Hollywood.


To save a little bit of mileage on your feet, you could skip the walk to the Excalibur and instead, take the complimentary tram that goes from Mandalay Bay north to the Excalibur and back. Using this would cut the walking distance by exactly 1/2 mile, making the walk from the Luxor to Planet Hollywood just .72 miles exactly, or just less than 3/4 of a mile.

Also note that I’m talking about the first casino entrance you’ll see at Planet Hollywood, across from the Cosmopolitan. The entrance to the Miracle Mile Shops that are attached to Planet Hollywood is a little before you get to the casino entrance.

Monorail From Luxor to Planet Hollywood

There is not a direct monorail between the two resorts. There is the aforementioned tram, but it stops at the Excalibur. Your option would be to go to the far end of the MGM Grand and take the Las Vegas Monorail. (Go here for Las Vegas Monorail ticket prices).

There is not a monorail stop at Planet Hollywood, so you’d have to get off at the Paris/Bally’s station, (which is actually more like the Bally’s station).

From there, it would be around a 1/3rd mile walk through Bally’s and to the north entrance of Planet Hollywood. But since the monorail station at the MGM is so far away, you’re looking at a 1/5 mile walk just to it. All total, taking the monorail would still result in a roughly 1/2 mile walk. And since the distance from the MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood is only 6/10th of a mile, you’re really not saving much distance in paying for the monorail ride.

Bus (the Deuce) From the Luxor to the Planet Hollywood

Very conveniently, there is a Deuce bus stop on the Las Vegas Strip that is directly in front of Planet Hollywood.

A ride on the Deuce from the Luxor (the bus stop by the Luxor is on the other side of the Strip, right next to Mandalay Bay Road), would get you there in 15 minutes.

(Go here for Las Vegas bus ticket prices).

In my view, this would be the best way to get from the Luxor to Planet Hollywood. The Deuce is inexpensive, and runs up and down the Strip 24 hours a day. And with a stop in front of both the Luxor and Planet Hollywood, you won’t have much walking to do at all.

Taxi/Uber Fare from the Luxor to the Planet Hollywood

This is not a bad option, especially if you’re in a hurry and with a couple of people. In most cases, it would only take you between 5 and 10 minutes to get between the two resorts.

A recent Uber estimate for Uber Connect showed $8.77 for non-surge pricing times, and $10.10 for an Uber X.

A cab ride from the Luxor to the Flamingo valet stand would be higher, and even more if the Strip is packed. A recent estimate put the taxi fare at just over $10 on a non-busy Strip day.

Driving from the Luxor to the Planet Hollywood

It’s just over a 2 mile drive from the Luxor parking area to the self-parking garage behind Planet Hollywood. Most mapping systems recommend you avoid the Strip and take a right on Tropicana Avenue, then left after the MGM Grand, on a street called, “Koval.”

From there, the first left is Harmon. Take that, then the first right, on Audrie Street. The Planet Hollywood parking garage will be just a few hundred feet up on your left. Like a taxi ride, it would be about a ten minute drive.

(By Steve Beauregard. Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.)