Fly Linq Zipline Prices & Hours 2023

Updated January 1st, 2023

Picture yourself 12 stores high above the Las Vegas Strip, attached to a wire, soaring down the length of the Linq Promenade at 35 miles per hour.

The FlyLinq Zipline in Las Vegas
The Fly Linq Zipline in Las Vegas

It’s the Fly Linq zipline, the first zipline located on the Las Vegas Strip. (This article has affiliate links from which we may receive a commission).

Opened in November 2018, the Fly Linq Zipline is located steps from the Strip – in-between the Flamingo and Linq Casino/Hotels. The ride has you zipping directly over lots of people enjoying the busy Linq Promenade dining and shopping area. In other words, don’t do this when you are TOO hung over.

The launch point is atop a 114 foot tower at the base of the Linq Promenade, right near the Strip sidewalk. This vantage point itself offers great views of the Strip.

From there you’ll fly towards the High Roller Observation Wheel at speeds around 35 miles per hour. The ride is 1,121 feet long.

According to Caesars, ten riders can be launched all at once.

Fly Linq Ticket Prices & Hours 2023

Fly Linq Ticket prices change based on demand, but they start at $40 before fees.

At $40, a couple can ride for a total of $92 after all fees when bought online. At $40, the total price when buying one ticket is $47.50 after fees. The Linq charges an additional $6 on top of this if you want to do will-call tickets. Prices can increase $6 on busy weekends.

Every day of the Week: (2 PM to 10 PM)

Tickets available from the official site here: Fly LINQ

Alternatively, authorized ticket seller will often have a limited number of discounted ride tickets for $34 here:

Discounted Fly Linq Tickets

You can also purchase tickets in person at the Linq, at their kiosks. These tickets are good for anytime the FlyLinq is open. Previously one would have to choose a time to ride, and prices were based on the time of day.

Pre-Covid, the ride was open seven days a week, until 1 AM, with the first rides beginning in the morning. We expect these hours to return, and again, when that happens, we’ll update this article accordingly.

Seated Style and SuperHero Style

Please note, that only the seated style of riding is currently offered.

The View of the FlyLinq from down on the Linq Promenade
The View of the FlyLinq from down on the Linq Promenade

Before the Covid shutdown, there were two styles of riding, (a) sitting while holding the bar above you, or (b) “Superhero” style option, in which you lay down flat, arms extended like Superman. The Superman style was $10 higher.

In April of 2019, a new option was added, allowing seated riders to ride backwards. The price for this is the same as riding face-forward.

When Superman style riding returns, we’ll update this article.

These are the first set of elevators inside the Linq Hotel & Casino that take you up to the launching area
These are the first set of elevators inside the Linq Hotel & Casino that take you up to the launching area

Flying the FlyLinq

You’ll enter an elevator inside the Linq Hotel & Casino, just steps away from the Linq Promenade on the Strip end of the resort. You’ll take this to the first platform.

Before riding the Fly Linq, you’ll be weighed, get instructions, be fitted with your harness, and of course, sign waivers.

From there, you’ll walk up stairs, where the ride starts at the top of tower on the Strip and ends on an elevated platform at the base of the High Roller. There, you can pose in front of the green screen after which you can purchase very expensive photos taken by the Linq’s professional photographer.

Fly Linq Phone number

(702) 777-2782

Fly Linq Zipline FAQ

More About the Fly Linq Zipline

The Fly Linq Zipline at Night
The Fly Linq Zipline at Night

Overall, the FlyLinq is one of those “only on vacation” experiences that offers a quick, but thrilling diversion. And if you’re like me, where it may only take me a few minutes to lose $50 at a Wheel of Fortune machine (without getting anything back), the Fly Linq’s ticket price may be worth it – just for the memories alone.

By Steve Beauregard. Photos courtesy of the Caesars Entertainment Media blog, taken by Nina Corpuz, PR newswire, and via Flickr).