Fat Tuesday Las Vegas – Prices, Hours & Locations on the Strip

Whether it’s a strawberry daiquiri, a Cat 5 Hurricane, a Mango, the infamous 190 Octane, or simply an old reliable like a yard-long margarita, there’s nothing like a frozen drink from Fat Tuesdays on a hot Las Vegas day.

Or even on a cold Las Vegas day for that matter. There’s just something about having frozen drinks on vacation.

The popular New Orleans-inspired frozen drink and daiquiri stand has eleven different locations in Las Vegas. All but one of these are on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Fat Tuesday Bar at the Caesars Forum Shops
The Fat Tuesday Bar at the Caesars Forum Shops

Of course, there are a lot of “Fat Tuesday” knock-offs up and down the Strip, but there are only eleven true Fat Tuesday bars in Las Vegas.

Here are the eleven Las Vegas Fat Tuesdays, staring from the south end of the Strip (Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino), all the way north to the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino then on to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

All of these bars open up at 10 AM. Closing hours vary on location, but typically they will close at 2 AM on weekdays, and 3 AM on Weekends.

Some Fat Tuesday bars on the Strip, (such as at the Venetian and Planet Hollywood), close at 3 AM on weekends. On the other hand, the Fat Tuesday inside the Caesar Forum Shops closes at 9 PM, seven nights a week. (Or whenever the mall closes if later than 9).

Fat Tuesday Bar Prices in Las Vegas

There are five different sizes, but eight different cups to choose from, including the “Super Yard.”

In fact, Fat Tuesdays are one of the few places you can get a 100 ounce drink in Las Vegas. (Not all locations offer this however). Here are some recent prices from the Mandalay Bay/Luxor bar, (subject to change, by which I mean “increase.”)

  • 22 ounce cup – $12
  • Daq Cup – $15 (refills for $11)
  • Sports Bottle – $18 (refills for $11)
  • Yard Dog – $20 (refills for $15)
  • Monster Yard – $24 (refills for $16)

At the Harmon location by Planet Hollywood, a 100 ounce cup was recently priced at $38. At the Casino Royale location, recent prices included a 32 ounce half-yard for $17 and a 48 ounce yard for $20.

You can also add a basic floater for $2 extra. Choices include Skyy Vodka, Absolut, Malibu rum, Barcardi, Myers Rum, Everclear, Jose Cuvero, and Jagermeister.

For $3 you can get one of the following floaters: Patron, Jack Daniels, Ciroc Vodka, or Kettle One.

(The black stars represent the ten different Fat Tuesday locations on the Las Vegas Strip.)

Fat Tuesday Las Vegas Daiquiri Flavors

Here are the standard flavors you’re likely to find, keeping in mind that a lot of people like to combine different flavors. For example, the “44 Magnum” is a combination of the Cat 5 Hurricane and the 190 Octane).

190 Octane (their strongest drink)
Cat 5 Hurricane (Barcardi and fruit punch)
Eye Candy (blueberry and rum)
Pina Colada
Electric Lemonade (151 Rum and lemonade)

Raging Bull (Red Bull and Skyy Vodka)
Amaretto Pineapple

Refill prices range from $11 for a 20 ounce cup refill, all the way to $28 to refill your 100 ounce Super Yard.

Below are the ten different Fat Tuesday bars on the Las Vegas Strip.

Mandalay Bay

This Fat Tuesday is actually located in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, which is the shopping plaza in the overhead pedestrian walkway that takes you from Mandalay Bay to the Luxor.

This Fat Tuesday is located in the walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor.
This Fat Tuesday is located in the walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor.

MGM Grand

This Fat Tuesdays is in the underground mall section of MGM Grand, on the far east side of the resort, away from the Strip.

The little underground walkway/mall is in-between the MGM Grand Parking Garage and the hotel’s front desk.

Since it’s the first bar you see when entering from the parking garage, it’s a popular spot to start your Vegas drinking vacation after a long drive.

Hawaiian Marketplace

The large circular bar is just steps from the Las Vegas Strip, next to the Tix-4-Tonight booth.

The Fat Tuesday here at this tropical-themed strip mall is spacious and close and a very convenient place to get a refreshment if your taking the long walk from MGM Grand north to Planet Hollywood.

Some of the drink options and cup sizes at the Fat Tuesday at Resorts World Las Vegas
Some of the drink options and cup sizes at the Fat Tuesday at Resorts World Las Vegas

Harmon Corner

This is the circular shopping complex at the corner of Harmon Avenue and the Las Vegas Strip. It’s right across the Strip from the Cosmopolitan and right next door to the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood.

The Fat Tuesday location here is on the second level – to your right as you walk-in the Strip-facing entrance and across from Bubba Gump Shrimp. There is no seating at this bar.

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

I especially love this location because I get a drink and chill while my wife shops to her heart’s content.

Here's the Fat Tuesday at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
Here’s the Fat Tuesday at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

The easiest way to find the Fat Tuesday at the popular Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is to use the south entrance from the Strip (The entrance by the PBR Rock Bar & Grill).

Going straight ahead, Fat Tuesday will be a little bit ahead, on your left, across from the Guess Store.

Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Similar to the Fat Tuesdays at the Miracle Mile Shops, this location allows guys to get their frozen drink on while their significant other spends the mortgage payment on clothes and shoes.

This bar is on the casino level, near the Atlantis Show and the Cheesecake Factory.

Unlike most of the other Fat Tuesdays in Las Vegas, this bar at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace does not stay open very late, since the mall closes earlier than the other locations.

Casino Royale

A very popular bar, this Fat Tuesday is literally right on the Strip, off the sidewalk in-between Casino Royale and the Venetian. It makes it super convenient to make a quick stop and pick up a cool drink to help beat the blazing Sin City heat.

This is the only Fat Tuesday in Las Vegas where you don’t really know when the bar’s hours.

On its official website, Casino Royale lists the hours for this Fat Tuesday stand as seven days a week, “10 a.m. to After Midnight.”

On social media, I’ve seen people posting that this bar closes at 4 AM, while others say that’s not true. The only think I’m confident in is that on weekends, this Fat Tuesday is most certainly open until at least 2 AM, given the huge pedestrian traffic this location generates.

As for closing hours on other days, I guess it depends on how busy the bar is at the time.

Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes

This Fat Tuesday is on the second level of the resort’s Grand Canal Shoppes, close to the entrance of the super-popular Tao nightclub.

Resorts World

Opened in November 2021, the newest Fat Tuesday in Sin City is located in a booth outside the city’s newest casino. It’s a few steps away from a Tacos El Carbon stand.

The Fat Tuesday in the courtyard out in front of Resorts World Las Vegas
The Fat Tuesday in the courtyard out in front of Resorts World Las Vegas

It may seem a little out of place outside the glamourous, glitzy Resorts World on the Strip, but then again, it’s the only location between that long walk from the Venetian to the Strat. Fat Tuesday at Resorts World is open from 10 AM to 2 AM daily.

The Strat Hotel & Casino

This north Strip Fat Tuesday is located in the retail shopping level on the second level, or what they call the Tower Shops. You get there by taking the escalator from the casino level.

Fat Tuesday on Fremont Street

The first (and only) Fat Tuesday in downtown Las Vegas is located is right on Fremont Street in the Neonopolis entertainment complex on the eastern end of Fremont Street. (Near the Slotzilla zipline).

(Photos courtesy of the Caesars Entertainment media blog and by Gamboool.com)